Trump endorses RFK Jr., urges Democrats to vote for him over Biden

Former President Donald Trump released a nearly three-minute video on Thursday essentially plugging independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over President Joe Biden, stating a vote for RFK Jr. would be “great for MAGA.”

Interestingly, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee began by pointing out that Kennedy was “the most radical left candidate,” before saying he is the better option for Democrats.

“RFK Jr. is, as you know, the most radical left candidate in the race. He’s more so than the Green Party, he’s more so than even Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump opened. “But he’s got some nice things about him — I happen to like him. Unfortunately, he is about the Green New Scam because he believes in that and a lot of people don’t. They want to see our country become rich and wealthy and strong and powerful, and lots of other things, and not waste money doing something that nobody wants and everybody knows doesn’t work.”


“I guess that would mean that RFK Jr.’s going to be taking away votes from Crooked Joe Biden, and he should, because he’s actually better than Biden,” he continued. ““He’s much better than Biden. If I were a Democrat, I’d vote for RFK Jr. every single time over Biden, because he’s frankly more in line with Democrats. RFK Jr.’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan, is also a very liberal person. But that’s okay, she’s got plenty of money from her ex-husband.”

The former president had no qualms about saying Kennedy’s candidacy was good for him.

“Kennedy is a radical left Democrat and always will be, but he’s a better man than Joe Biden, that I can tell you,” Trump said. “It’s great for MAGA, I hope he continues to run, but the communists will make it very hard on him to get on the ballot, as they did for him as a Democrat. He wanted to get on the ballot. They made it very, very difficult for him. They really went after him viciously, just like they go after me.”

“Welcome to the crowd, RFK Jr. But the fact is that the Democrats are vicious communist fascists, they’re horrible people. They really hurt him badly, what they did to him as a Democrat, that’s why he’s running as an independent, but expect him to be indicted any day now, probably for environmental fraud. He is Crooked Joe Biden’s political opponent, not mine. Biden can’t speak. Biden can’t debate. Biden can’t put two sentences together, so I guess he’s probably going to indict RFK Jr.

“I’m glad that he is running. They will fight it out together… I do believe that RFK Jr will do very well and I do believe he will take away a lot of votes away from Crooked Joe Biden,” Trump wrote.

Aggregate polling by Decision Desk HQ and The Hill suggests that Kennedy pulls more votes from Biden than Trump. RFK Jr. was pulling 8.1 percent support on April 11 compared to 42.1 percent for Trump and 40.6 percent for Biden. Without Kennedy in the race, Trump drew 44.8 percent support and Biden had 44.2 percent.

Tom Tillison


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