Trump reacts to Willis’ boy toy being kicked to the curb, cryptically teases something BIG

Former President Donald J. Trump reacted to the resignation of prosecutor Nathan Wade, the lover of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis who was hand-picked to quarterback his upcoming racketeering trial.

On Friday morning, in a textbook case of black female privilege, Judge Scott McAfee allowed the scandal-plagued Democrat to stay on the case under the condition that Wade be cut loose, an easy choice for Willis who kicked her “former” bed buddy to the curb.

Later in the day, Willis officially announced Wade’s resignation, putting her back on track – for better or worse – as she looks to get Trump into a courtroom and let the biased Atlanta-area jury do the rest.

But Trump may know something nobody else does and cryptically teased something big in a post to Truth Social.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“The Fani Willis lover, Mr. Nathan Wade Esq., has just resigned in disgrace, as per his and her reading of the Judge’s Order today. Nathan was the ‘Special,’ in more ways than one, Prosecutor ‘engaged’ by Fani (pronounced Fauni!) Willis, to persecute TRUMP for Crooked Joe Biden and his Department of Injustice, for purposes of Election Interference and living the life of the Rich & Famous. This is the equivalent of Deranged Jack Smith getting ‘canned,’ BIG STUFF, something which should happen in the not too distant future!!!” Trump wrote.

It’s anybody’s guess what the presumptive GOP nominee is referring to as “BIG STUFF” but the lawfare cases that have been brought against him aren’t going as his political persecutors planned.

In addition to Fani’s big mess which one CNN legal analyst suggested was a “gift” to Trump by her being allowed to stay on the case, there was the sudden delay in the case brought by Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg involving alleged “hush money” payments to former porn star Stormy Daniels. On Thursday, the trial – which Bragg was hot to trot to get started – was delayed 30 days after a mysterious document dump.

“The things that took place at the Manhattan D.A.’s office, in conjunction with people from the DOJ put in charge of ‘getting TRUMP,’ are truly a sight to behold. They illegally withheld thousands of pages of documents. Then you have the really shady ‘Pomerantz’ issue, and wow, people have never seen anything like this one. This will make Fani and her ‘lover’ look like small potatoes!!!” Trump said on Truth Social on Thursday.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

Then there are Jack Smith’s problems.

The Biden regime’s underhanded henchman’s big January 6 case against Trump was badly knocked off schedule as the Supreme Court mulls the issue of presidential immunity, putting a pre-election legal lynching in question.

Smith has also run into opposition from the judge in his Mar-a-Lago documents case and could be coming around to the idea that there was selective prosecution after Joe Biden was let off for his own hoarding of sensitive materials.

McAfee’s ruling drew instant criticism from both friend and foe of the Democrats, with some calling it just one more example of the thorough rottenness of the U.S. judicial system which now resembles that of a corrupt banana republic, and it’s hard to argue with that observation.

Chris Donaldson


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