Trump rips into Fox host who suggested Biden has nothing to do with Dem lawfare

Former President Donald Trump tore into Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Wednesday after she defended President Joe Biden’s administration.

Appearing on Fox News earlier Wednesday, Trump’s attorney Alina Habba tried to link her boss’ hush money case, which she isn’t personally representing, directly to the current president.

“Joe Biden, unfortunately, can’t really do anything in office, so he’s got to use the same means as somebody who’s just trying to have a quick slip-and-fall and make money,” she said.

“And that is frankly what we’re seeing right now. This is exactly a Biden show because he’s got to distract the American people,” she added.

In other words, the hush money case is being orchestrated directly by Biden to distract the public from his abysmal record as president.


(Video Credit: Fox News)

But Bream disagreed.

“The Biden administration’s not responsible for this trial,” she asserted in response to Habba’s attack.

“How can you say the Biden administration is not responsible for this trial?” the indignant attorney replied.

“It’s a state trial,” Bream responded. “It’s Alvin Bragg. Whether you think there’s a political motive for him, it’s not connected to the DOJ. I mean, the feds passed on these election charges.”

Habba was unconvinced.

“Shannon, you should look at how many logs they have of state officials – Letitia James, Fani Willis – visiting the White House and then tell me that this is not a Biden trial,” she noted.

“The feds passed on this, is the point I’m making,” Bream responded, prompting Habba to make one final attempt to convince her.

“Tell me how that’s not an indication that Joe Biden, who just sent his campaign down here with Robert De Niro yesterday, isn’t part of this,” she said.

“Frankly, any question that we had of that was squashed yesterday and if you have any more concern of whether he’s involved in this, look at the fact that he is publicizing, literally publicizing, for tonight to have a speech if a verdict comes out. That’s a sad state of affairs. Meanwhile, our country is falling apart,” she added.

As previously reported, the Biden campaign held a presser outside Trump’s courtroom trial this Monday. Featured at the presser was deliriously anti-Trump Hollywood actor Robert De Niro.

The fact that the Biden campaign, one, held a press conference outside the president’s trial, and two, recruited a Hollywood actor to boost their anti-Trump narrative, does indeed seem to suggest the president is, at the very least, exploiting the Trump case for political gain.

But again, none of this was enough to persuade Bream — and that fact did not sit well with former President Trump.

“I never knew Shannon Bream was so ‘naïve,'” he wrote on Truth Social later Wednesday afternoon. “In her interview with my Representative, Alina Habba, Shannon just suggested that Crooked Joe Biden was not involved in my Show Trial. HOW STUPID!”

“Not only is he involved, he is virtually leading it, and all of the other Trials as well – Meaning, his people, because he’s not mentally sharp enough to lead anything! Just take a look at the DOJ/White House Thugs involved, and everything else. Biden is incompetent, and feels that Weaponization is the only way he can win. He’s counting on the Shannon Breams of the World to get him there. Bad day for Shannon!” he added.


He later doubled down, writing in an additional post that Bream and fellow Fox News host Neil Cavuto “should team up and do a Show together.”

“The Ratings wouldn’t be good, because they’re anti-MAGA, but it’s not all about the Ratings!” he added.

All this comes as Trump now awaits a verdict in the hush money case. There are reportedly five possible outcomes in the case:

  • Trump is convicted on all 34 counts of felony falsification of business records.
  • Trump is convicted on some counts but acquitted on others.
  • Trump is acquitted on all counts.
  • There’s a hung jury.
  • The judge reaches a verdict himself.

“Merchan could take the decision out of the jury’s hands by issuing a ‘directed verdict’ for acquittal — in essence, a determination by the judge that no reasonable jury could find that the prosecution has proved its case,” Politico notes about the latter outcome.

“Such verdicts are more commonly issued immediately after the prosecution rests. But it’s still an option that Merchan could take, even after the trial ends,” according to Politico.

Vivek Saxena


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