Trump expresses grim view of legal fate: ‘Mother Teresa could not beat these charges’

Former President Donald J. Trump expressed a grim view of his fate in a New York City courtroom that is now in the hands of a jury given instructions that practically guarantee a conviction.

As he prepared for his likely conviction in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” case, a defiant Trump addressed reporters, vowing to win the 2024 election and saying that not even Mother Teresa would be able to beat the charges that he faces in Judge Juan Merchan’s kangaroo court.

“The judge, who, as you know, is very conflicted and corrupt. Because of the confliction, very, very corrupt. Mother Teresa could not beat these charges. These charges are rigged. The whole thing is rigged,” Trump said.

(Video: C-SPAN)

“The whole country is a mess, between the borders and fake elections, and you have a trial like this where the judge is so conflicted, he can’t breathe. He’s got to do his job,” he added. “It’s a disgrace. And I mean that, Mother Teresa could not beat those charges. But we’ll see. We’ll see how we do.”

“We’re going to win this election. November 5 is going to be the most important day in the history of our country. We’re going to take back our country from these fascists and these thugs that are destroying us with inflation and with everything they do. How stupid they are — allowing 15, 16, 17 million people into our country. Totally unvetted, totally unchecked. We’re going to bring back our nation November 5. Remember the most important day in the history of our country. In the meantime, this trial is rigged,” Trump told reporters.

The presumptive Republican nominee, who was wearing a yellow tie, spoke to the press after jury deliberations began on Wednesday morning after the lurid legal circus wrapped up, the day after the surreal scene when the Biden campaign trotted out unhinged geriatric actor Robert De Niro for a political press conference at the trial.

“Crooked Joe Biden just announced that he will speak, for a change, at the end of his trial against me. Yesterday he sent his mentally challenged servant, former actor Robert De Niro, to create a little chaos in front of the Courthouse, and to influence the trial. Election Interference!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday.

As he has done throughout the trial, Judge Merchan has effectively rigged the outcome with a set of unusual instructions that jurors don’t even have to agree on the crime that Trump allegedly committed.

“Merchan just delivered the coup de grace instruction. He said that there is no need to agree on what occurred. They can disagree on what the crime was among the three choices. Thus, this means that they could split 4-4-4 and he will still treat them as unanimous,” constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley said on X.

“IT IS RIDICULOUS, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, AND UNAMERICAN that the highly Conflicted, Radical Left Judge is not requiring a unanimous decision on the fake charges against me brought by Soros backed D.A. Alvin Bragg. A THIRD WORLD ELECTION INTERFERENCE HOAX!” Trump said in another Wednesday post to Truth Social.

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