Trump says Joe is out, ‘now we have Kamala … I think she’s gonna’ be better,’ in secretly recorded video

Former President Donald J. Trump doesn’t seem to think too highly of Vice President Kamala Harris who many are clamoring for to replace Joe Biden after his CNN debate catastrophe.

The presumptive GOP nominee has largely refrained from commenting on the implosion of the Democrat Party in the aftermath of last week’s debate but his candid remarks were caught on video by someone who sneakily recorded him without his knowledge while Trump was playing golf.

In the short clip that was published by the left-wing Daily Beast, Trump described Biden as an “old broken down pile of crap,” and profanely expressed his opinion that Harris isn’t up to the job if the 81-year-old is forced out.

(Video Credit: Grabien)

“How did I do with the debate the other night?” Trump asks in the video which was recorded while he was sitting in a golf cart, calling Biden an “old, broken down pile of crap.”

“He just quit, you know. He’s quitting the race. I got him out of the race, and that means we have Kamala,” Trump added. “I think she’s gonna be better. She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic. She’s so f**king bad… can you imagine that guy dealing with Putin and the president of China, who’s a fierce person? He’s a fierce man, very tough guy.”

“They just announced he’s probably quitting. Just keep knocking him out, huh?” Trump said before driving off.

Desperate for anything from Trump to feed into the news cycle, leftists will shriek in faux outrage about the surreptitiously recorded video, but it’s nothing that the former president wouldn’t say in public, with the exception of the f-bomb about the woman who could become America’s first DEI president.

As he always does with the frustrated left, the expert troller Trump quickly turned the tables, posting the video to Truth Social with the caption “NO TAX ON TIPS!”

In a sign of how the sneak video is already backfiring on Democrats and their minions, X users weighed in with their reviews.

“Trump caught on video praising Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping while sitting in his golf cart,” the Biden-Harris HQ said, sharing the video on X, a lame attempt to distract from the fallout from the calls for the “old broken down pile of crap” to step down.

Chris Donaldson


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