KJP launches EPIC gaslighting rant on Fox reporter not buying excuses, ‘Have you had a cold before?’

The reasons behind President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance sparked a heated exchange during a White House press briefing.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre locked horns with Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich when the excuses about the president’s poor performance and health proved too much to swallow.

Biden’s mumbling, stumbling responses, hoarse voice and often dazed appearance during his face-off with former President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm of criticism. Panic ripped through the Democrat base and the White House began the clean-up process by noting Biden had been suffering from a cold, while the president himself claimed a European trip nearly two weeks before the debate had sapped him.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“How is it that the president was still tired 12 days after returning from Europe, had a cold but then went to a Waffle House, and then the following day staged such a huge comeback when he gave those North Carolina remarks?”Heinrich asked Wednesday.

“Help us understand —” she added before Jean-Pierre interrupted.

“Have you had a cold before?” the press secretary queried, prompting the reporter to shoot back, “Of course I’ve had a cold before.”

“There’s a cold. There’s a jet lag. You combine that,” Jean-Pierre explained. “He continues to work for the American people day in and day out around the clock. Things happen. And the cold thing is something that you all pointed out during his debate. We didn’t point that out. You pointed that out his voice being hoarse.”

“All these Democrats are saying they want to see him. It speaks to that,” Heinrich said.

“We didn’t share that information ahead of time. You all asked what was going on and then we shared that information,” the press secretary pushed back.

When Heinrich brought up whether reports are true about Biden stepping aside and Vice President Kamala Harris stepping in, Jean-Pierre shut that down with a swift, “Absolutely not.”

Frieda Powers


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