Trump says Megyn Kelly was ‘biggest loser’ of debate, declares Vivek winner ‘because he thinks I’m great’

Donald Trump has shared his thoughts on NewsNation’s GOP primary debate — the fourth such debate in which he has declined to participate — and, in classic Trump style, the former President didn’t mince his words.

The “biggest loser,” according to Trump, was co-moderator Megyn Kelly, while the winner was the candidate who had the most nice things to say about him.

“So many people are asking what I thought of history’s lowest rated ‘presidential’ debate, & how would I rate the players,” Trump wrote Friday night on Truth Social. “It’s so easy to be a critic, but who on this subject would be better than me.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes that NewsNation “brought in the largest audience of its two-and-a-half-year existence,” with the debate, drawing “a total of 4.21 million viewers, according to Nielsen.”

While it was the lowest-rated of the four debates, it did beat Trump’s Town Hall interview on Fox News, which “averaged 3.16 million viewers,” according to the Reporter.

But never mind that…

“To begin with, I thought Ron DeSanctimonious was terrible, with his bobble head facial movements & his walking on eggs, but that Sloppy Chris Christie was worse,” Trump said. “He’s not fit, mentally or physically, to be President plus, he suffers from TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome, at levels not seen before.”

“In other words,” the GOP frontrunner said, “he is a ‘sick puppy.’ On top of it all, his poll numbers are just 1%, in a class with ‘Aida’ Hutchinson. He’s dead, but so is Ron, whose weird bobbing head and fresh mouth, make his high heels look good – He’s walking on eggs!”

Trump then focused his attention on the “birdbrain” on the stage — the woman he, as president, appointed as ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

“Birdbrain looked different & lost, but I give her second place,” he wrote.

Which leaves Millenial candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

“Vivek WINS because he thinks I’m great,” Trump declared.

But no one seemed to aggravate Trump more than Megyn Kelly, who famously drew his wrath during the 2016 Republican primary debates.

“The biggest loser was Megyn Kelly, what the hell happened to her?” Trump stated. “She has lost whatever she once had, which wasn’t very much. Some things never change!”

Trump supporter Glenn Beck had a very different take on the debate.

“I think the real winner last night out of all of them was Megyn Kelly,” he said the morning after the debate. “She was really, really good. … She was the winner.”

“She held everybody’s feet to the fire,” Beck continued. “She asked tough questions. She was fair. She told people, ‘Shut up, nobody can hear you’ when they were talking over each other and it ended it. I mean, I thought she was really, really good.”

(Video: YouTube)

“Stu Does America” host and Glenn Beck’s on-air executive producer, Stu Burguiere, agreed.

“She was framing all of her questions the way a conservative would want it framed,” he said.

Her questions, Burguiere noted, were “very well laid out.”

“You might not like the question — and I think that’s kind of the point with her,” he continued. “She’s trying to ask a question that’s going to put you in a difficult position to see what you can do with it, and that’s the whole point of these debates.”


Melissa Fine


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