Trump shows some love for Kristi Noem: ‘We all have bad weeks’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem got a little support from former President Donald Trump who cut the Republican some slack over controversial excerpts from her book.

An anecdote from Noem’s book revealing that she killed her 14-month-old hunting dog because it was allegedly too aggressive set off a tidal wave of criticism last month. The story, together with another anecdote about killing a “mean” goat prompted many to conclude that the controversy cost Noem’s chances for being Trump’s running mate.

The former president agreed that they were “rough stories” in a podcast interview with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton but still showed his support for the GOP leader.

“I think she’s terrific. A couple of rough stories, there’s no question about it,” Trump said in the interview released Tuesday. “And when explained — the dog story, people hear that and people from different parts of the country probably feel a little bit differently, but that’s a tough story.”

“She had a bad week. We all have bad weeks,” the GOP presidential nominee added.

Trump also referred to Noem’s ghostwriter for the book, “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.”

“Until this week, she was doing incredibly well. And she got hit hard, and sometimes you do books, and you have some guy writing a book and you maybe don’t read it as carefully, you know,” he said. “You have ghostwriters too. They help you, and they, in this case, didn’t help too much.”

But he also reminded that Noem has been a supporter “from day one” and has done a “great job” as governor.

Noem attended a private fundraiser for Trump in Manhattan on Tuesday where the former president mused about her dead dog, NBC News reported.

“What a week!” Trump said as he mentioned the governor, after shout-outs to other guests at the event. “The dog, the dog!”

“I’m really curious,” he said, “about the dog.”

“She’s been there for us for a long time,” he added. “She’s loyal, she’s great.”

Ian Fury, a spokesperson for Noem, said she “appreciated President Trump’s words of support of her leadership during her time as Governor and was glad to attend the event at his request.”

Frieda Powers


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