Trump slams ‘Fake Tapper’ and CNN: ‘I used to actually sort of like him’

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump blasted CNN and its rabidly partisan anchor “Fake Tapper” in remarks critical of the media which hasn’t given him a fair shake in over eight years.

The former president appeared on Fox News where he was interviewed by “MediaBuzz” host Howard Kurtz for a sit-down from Mar-a-Lago, coming off his dominant performance in the GOP primaries and heading into an almost certain rematch with Joe Biden in November.

In the wide-ranging interview, the two touched on a number of hot topics including the TikTok ban, abortion, Russia and illegal immigration, but first off, the host wanted to know about Trump’s relationship with the media and his remarks about certain news outlets.

“Would you be willing at this point to stop calling national news organizations the enemy of the people?” Kurtz asked.

(Video: Fox News)

“Well you know I have that a lot,” Trump responded. “I get a lot of people they don’t say fake news, they don’t mind that as much, they really don’t like the enemy of the people. I would be honored to do that if they would do it right.”

“They’re like the policeman or policewoman, they’re like the police and frankly, they keep our country honest in a certain way if they do their job properly, and they haven’t been doing it properly,” he said, telling Kurtz, “You report on that Howard, you know that, you know exactly what’s going on and sometimes I don’t know why,” as he lamented the porous borders and criminal illegals pouring in.

“Everybody’s entitled to whack the media,” Kurtz jumped in. “After the Iowa caucuses two networks didn’t carry your speech. I was very critical at the time. But you said, CNN and NBC should have their licenses, or whatever they have, taken away, sounded like you were threatening to go after television outlets with reporting you don’t like,” he said, referring to remarks previously made by Trump.

The former and perhaps future leader of the free world said that it was “incredible” that networks would selectively choose to not air his speeches. “But when you’re using public airwaves and you don’t have, you cover a candidate for months, you cover him as negatively as possible, or her, could be her, and all of a sudden that candidate wins in a landslide and it’s very exciting and everybody wants to watch, and you don’t cover his speech, it’s incredible.”

“I guess it was ‘Fake Tapper’ or somebody turned it off, he said, ‘Turn it off’  I think, actually, MSNBC did do it, MSDNC, but they did do it but I think it was CNN that didn’t cover it, Jake Tapper, who I used to know I used to actually sort of like him actually, but he hurts himself very badly when he does a thing like that and he hurts the ratings, too. You look at CNN ratings, they’re so bad.”

“So, you cover, though, I mean, think of it, you’re covering someone for a year, and this is the culmination, this is the big moment, and people want to watch it, and you say, ‘I’m not going to put his speech on,’ How can you do that?” Trump said.

Chris Donaldson


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