Trump takes in Miami Grand Prix, tells winning driver he was his ‘lucky charm’

Former President Donald J. Trump capped off a busy weekend by taking in the Miami Grand Prix where he was greeted by adoring fans and gave himself some of the credit for driver Lando Norris’ big win.

On the afternoon before he was to return to New York City for the legal charade in a Manhattan courtroom, the presumptive GOP nominee took in the action at the Miami International Autodrome where he was in attendance for the Formula One race.

Trump arrived at Hard Rock Stadium with his security detail where he met with McLaren CEO Zak Brown and personally congratulated Norris after the 24-year-old Brit scored the trophy, his first Formula One win, telling the driver that he was his “lucky charm” for the race.

Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” rang out when Trump made his appearance and he was warmly greeted from the fans in the seats.

“I didn’t see him in the garage, to be honest, I was busy prepping for the race, but he saw me after, and he came up to congratulate me,” Norris said. “I guess it’s an honor because whenever you have someone like this, it has to be an honour for them to come up to you, to take time out of their life, to pay their respect for what you’ve done.”

“He said he was my lucky charm, because it’s my win, so I don’t know if he’s going to come to more races now,” Norris added, saying that he appreciated the former president’s words.

“There’s a lot of special people, or cool people that have been here this weekend, Donald is someone that you’ve got to have a lot of respect for in many ways, and for anyone like that, who acknowledges what you can go out and do, and acknowledges the work ethic that goes into things, you’ve got to be thankful for that, and I was,” Norris said. “So yeah, a cool moment.”

More scenes from Miami.

“McLaren is a non-political organization however we recognize and respect the office of the President of the United States so when the request was made to visit our garage on race day we accepted alongside the president of the FIA and the CEO’s of Liberty Media and Formula 1,” the McLaren team said in a statement about Trump’s visit.

Trump burned rubber on Truth Social, leaving tire tracks all over California Governor Gavin Newsom, or as he has fondly nicknamed him “Gavin Newscum.”

“Gavin Newscum, the failed Governor of California, who is allowing his once beautiful State to go to Hell, refuses to recognize that Republicans are the Leaders on I.V.F. (Fertilization) – We are the ones taking care of Women, and now, after 53 years, where both Parties and all Legal Scholars and Experts wanted the always difficult and contentious subject of Abortion to go back to the States, we got it done, and now the States are setting their own Rules and Regulations – and it’s really working!” Trump wrote on Sunday afternoon.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“We’ve given the Abortion Issue back to the Voters. It’s clean, it’s decisive, and we’ve taken Radicalization by Democrats, the killing of a Child in the 8th Month, 9th Month, or even after Birth, off the table. It now seems probable that our Country can start to pull together on the always difficult and controversial Issue of Abortion. IT’S UP TO THE STATES NOW, WHERE EVERYBODY WANTS IT, AND WHERE IT ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN!” Trump added on the issue that Biden and Democrats are counting on to bamboozle voters to ignore the “Bidenomics” disaster and persistent inflation.

It’s hard to imagine Biden getting such a welcome reception at a public event, which is likely why his handlers are very careful to control his environment.

Chris Donaldson


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