Trump tells Hannity he ‘has a right to take stuff’; teases bombshell tapes of Mar-a-Lago raid

Former President Donald J. Trump sat down for an extensive wide-ranging interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News and, at one point during their conversation, he discussed the trove of documents that were confiscated from his South Florida residence by federal agents last summer in an unprecedented raid dialed up by the Biden regime against the leader of the opposition party.

Last August, Attorney General Merrick Garland intervened in a dispute over the classified material by dialing up what some likened to a Gestapo-style storming of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in which numerous boxes of documents, memorabilia, and personal items were taken into government custody, a seizure that at the time was portrayed as the gravest matter of national security by the corrupt media until the subsequent discovery of classified material at President Joe Biden’s home months later, with some of it dating back to his days in the U.S. Senate where he spent decades.

(Video: Fox News)

In his interview with Hannity, the 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner pointed out the hypocrisy over Biden’s stash while assuring the host that he had the right to take the materials, even after Hannity said that he himself would not be inclined to act in a similar manner.

“And what he did with classified information, you know he had stuff, classified information when he was a senator, and I’ve watched senators, I’ve watched Democrat senators get on television and say ‘I can’t believe that. Are you serious?'” Trump remarked on the reaction to the classified documents found in Biden’s former think tank office and a garage in his Delaware home that he shared with his drug-gobbling son Hunter.

“I’ve known you for decades,” Hannity said to the former and perhaps future president. “I can’t imagine you ever saying, ‘Bring me some of the boxes that we brought back from the White House. I’d like to look at them.’ Did you ever do that?”

“I would have the right to do that,” Trump said. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“But I know you,” Hannity reacted. “I don’t think you would do it.”

“I would have the right to do that,” Trump insisted. “I would do that. There’d be nothing wrong. Remember this. This is the Presidential Records Act, I have the right to take stuff,” he said of the law which was enacted in 1978 after former President Richard M. Nixon tried to destroy records after he was chased from office by the Watergate scandal.

“I have the right to take stuff,” he said. “I have the right to look at stuff, but they have the right to talk and we have the right to talk.”

“This would have all been worked out. All of a sudden, they raided Mar-a-Lago,” Trump continued. “Viciously raided Mar-a-Lago.”

“I have tape, and I gave them tapes, you know I gave them tapes of storage areas there, I gave it to them,” he said. “I could have held that back. I wasn’t holding anything back.”

“But you know that tape they don’t want me to reveal?” Trump asked. “They’ve asked me and I’ve so far adhered to it. The raid itself.”

“Wait a minute,” Hannity interjected. “I’ll take that tape. I’ll air that tape,” he said, offering to show more previously unseen footage as his fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson did when he aired excerpts of the January 6, 2021 surveillance video from the U.S. Capitol that blew a smoking hole in the regime’s deceptive narrative of the fateful day’s events.

“But no, I have tape but they think it might be dangerous because of the faces and everything else, and I understand that,” he continued. “But I have tapes of the raid, and the raid is terrible.”

“The way they treated people is terrible,” Trump said. “They treat people like they’re a foreign country enemy.”

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