Trump vows to ‘terminate every open borders policy’ on day one, mass deport illegals

Former President Donald Trump vowed to stop President Joe Biden’s destructive border policies on “day one” if he is reelected in 2024.

In a fiery op-ed published in the Des Moines Register in Iowa on Wednesday, the Republican frontrunner revealed his plan to shift “massive proportions” of law enforcement to put an end to what he called an immigration “invasion.”

“The most urgent task facing the next president is to end Joe Biden’s nation-wrecking nightmare on our southern border. I am the only candidate who will stop this invasion — and I will do it on day one,” Trump began.

Officials note that over 300,000 people illegally crossed the southern U.S. border in December alone – a shocking departure from 2020 with Trump in office when there were only 400,000 crossings for the whole year.

“Under the Trump administration, we had the most secure border in U.S. history. We ended catch-and-release, and removed over 1 million illegal aliens in my first term. I negotiated unprecedented agreements with Central American nations and brokered ‘Remain in Mexico’ to stop the flow of migrants to our border. I also got the Mexican government to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers to the border free of charge,” Trump continued, noting that these accomplishments were despite “obstructionist left-wing judges and radical Democrat activists who tried to stop us.”

He blasted the “disastrous results” of Biden’s policies – which were mostly rescinding existing Trump policies.

“On my first day back in office, I will terminate every open borders policy of the Biden administration and immediately restore the full set of strong Trump border policies,” the former president vowed, promising to follow up with a “record-setting deportation operation.”

“Joe Biden has given us no choice. The millions of illegal aliens who have invaded under Biden require a record number of removals. This is just common sense,” Trump wrote.

This will be accomplished, Trump explained, by using “all resources and authorities available” in a shift of “massive portions of federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement — including parts of the DEA, ATF, FBI, and DHS.”

“I also will invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove known or suspected gang members, drug dealers, or cartel members from the United States,” Trump said, invoking the 18th Century Alien Enemies Act, a law used by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to deport and secure German, Italian and Japanese citizens during World War II.

“Joe Biden is leaving behind a catastrophe of historic proportions. The next president must secure the border while also stopping inflation, saving the economy, cleaning up Washington corruption, restoring peace through strength, and preventing World War III,” Trump wrote.

“We do not have time for on-the-job training,” the former president concluded.”Unlike every other candidate, with me, there is no question. I promise you that I will get this job done.”

Frieda Powers


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