Tucker calls for parental ‘extremism’ in Moms for America interview: ‘Go ahead and arrest me for saying that’

The topic of defending children left Tucker Carlson throwing caution to the wind: “Put this on the internet and have them arrest me for saying that.”

“I’m just mad at the dads. Like, what is going on?”

Now a year since the commentator was ousted from Fox News, for reasons still unknown he attested, Carlson joined the “Moms for America” podcast for a discussion on some of the key issues of the day. During the dialogue with MFA vice president Debbie Kraulidis, the topic of transgenderism and sexual deviancy had the former primetime personality turning toward “extremism.”

“If there was ever a time for extremism, it’s in defense of your own children,” said Carlson as he remarked that “If some dude showed up in the john with my daughter, I’d beat him unconscious. No, I’d beat him unconscious. Like, that’s my job.”

“If you can’t defend your own children, then you’re a contemptible person.”

Referring to the matter of gender dysphoria as the “tranny issue,” insisting he would not dignify it with the alphabet activists preferred terminology, Carlson expressed that it was a “moral duty” to protect one’s own family, “That’s why I exist. That’s my role.”

“The most important relationship in nature is between parent and child,” he told Kraulidis and detailed, “And anybody who seeks to intrude on that or replace the parent needs to be resisted with force, including physical force…go ahead and arrest me for saying that, but I mean it. And by the way, any government that would even presume to do that deserves to be smacked in the nose really hard.”

“Fear no one in defense of your children. Not the civil authorities. Fear no one. And I mean fear no one…We can have civil debates about legislation and all that stuff. We cannot have a civil debate about my kids. They’re my kids; they’re not your kids. You hurt my kids, and I will hurt you. It’s that simple and I mean it,” said Carlson.

At one point, the commentator went as far as to describe a scenario where, if a school counselor were advising a child to change genders or was “saying creepy sex sh*t,” the parent should go grab that ideologue “by the face, force ’em to the ground and say, ‘you can’t do that to my child. It’s a minor child. You’re a child molester.'”

Amid his call for dads, specifically big, “fill the doorway, block the sun dads,” to standup for kids in what he described as problem unique to western civilization, Carlson made clear, “I’m not an extremist by any sense. I hate violence. I don’t like people fomenting hatred between each other. I don’t like that, I’m a Christian. But there has to be a line. And the line is messing with my kids; particularly sexually.”

Kevin Haggerty


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