‘Tucker Carlson is the new Barbara Walters,’ and the hypocrite critics can suck it!

There has been plenty of “spasming” going on since Tucker Carlson was spotted in Moscow amid flying rumors that he may have scored an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To hear the former Fox News host’s critics tell it, Carlson is a traitor for daring to sit down with Putin and potentially get a different perspective on the war in Ukraine, which remains the cause de jour for the DC political class.

Carlson “arrived in Russia for the first time and has spent three days in Moscow already,” according to Sputnik.

“On the morning of February 1, according to social media, the former Fox News anchor was spotted at Istanbul airport boarding a Turkish Airlines flight to Moscow. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for two hours, but eventually Tucker arrived safely in the Moscow Vnukovo airport,” the outlet reported on Saturday. “Today he attended the ballet ‘Spartacus’ at the Bolshoi Theater, social media reports.”

It remains to be seen if an interview with Putin is in the works, but there was plenty of recollection online of then-ABC News anchor Barbara Walters interviewing the Russian president in 2001, and no one was calling her a traitor — in fact, she was hailed for journalistic skills in scoring the sit-down.

In that light, Bush White House alumnus Peter Rough suggested: “Tucker Carlson [is] the new Barbara Walters, apparently.”

Walters, who passed away in 2022 at the age of 93, was considered a “journalist pioneer” for her career, with the Putin interview being among her chief accomplishments.

The problem with Tucker Carlson is that his views on the war in Ukraine don’t jell with permanent-class Washington, which appears to be far more committed to continuing funding war and death than ever considering a negotiated end to the hostilities.

In light of all the hubbub over just what the hell Tucker is up to, Barbara Walters’ name began trending online. Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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