Tucker Carlson says critic Boris Johnson tried to shake him down for a million dollars

Tucker Carlson elaborated on a claim that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had agreed to an interview with him for “a million dollars” after his sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The founder of Tucker Carlson Network gave Glenn Beck the scoop on the “shakedown” and what reportedly transpired as the former PM, who has disputed the claims as “untrue,” turned down an interview.

“So I’m over in Moscow, I’m waiting to do this interview, it gets out that we’re doing it, and I’m immediately denounced by this guy called Boris Johnson, who was for a short time the prime minister of Great Britain,” Carlson said in an appearance on The Blaze, referring to his meet-up with Putin.

“And Boris Johnson calls me a ‘tool of the Kremlin’ or something,” Carlson continued.

“So I put in a request for an interview with Boris Johnson, as I have many times because he’s constantly denouncing me as a tool of the Kremlin. He says no,” the former Fox News host told Beck, adding that “finally one of his advisers gets back to me and says, ‘He will talk to you but it’s gonna cost you a million dollars. He wants a million dollars.’”

“What?!” interjected Beck with surprise.

“He wants a million dollars in U.S. dollars, gold, or Bitcoin,” Carlson said. “This just happened yesterday or two days ago, and I’m like, ‘He wants a million dollars?’ ‘Yeah, and then he will talk to you about Ukraine. He will explain his position on Ukraine.’”

“So he attacks me, without explaining how I’m wrong, of course, or how he’s right. This is, by the way, the guy who singlehandedly, at the request of the U.S. government, stopped the peace deal in Ukraine a year and a half ago and is, I think, for that reason responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people,” Carlson continued.

“He won’t explain any of that to me in an interview until I pay him a million dollars. And I said to the guy, you know, I just interviewed Vladimir Putin. I’m not defending Putin, but Putin didn’t ask for a million dollars. So you’re telling me that Boris Johnson is a lot sleazier, a lot lower than Vladimir Putin? Which is true, he added.

“So this whole thing is a freaking shakedown,” Carlson concluded. “If you’re making money off a war, you know, you can deal with God on that because that’s really immoral. Like that’s actually really, really wrong, and a lot of people are, including Boris Johnson.”

But according to Johnson’s representative, this is not what happened.

“This account is untrue,” a spokesperson for Johnson said, according to the Independent.

“But Mr Johnson has disputed Mr Carlson’s account as ‘untrue’, with allies of the ex-PM saying he had offered to take part in the interview for a $1million donation to Ukrainian veterans’ charities,” the UK outlet reported. “It is understood Mr Johnson pulled out after the murder of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.”

In a scathing column for Daily Mail earlier this month, Johnson called out the journalist as “the stooge of the tyrant, the dictaphone to the dictator and a traitor to journalism.”

“In his fawning, guffawing, slack-jawed happiness at having a ‘scoop’, he betrayed his viewers and listeners around the world,” Johnson wrote, adding, “He didn’t ask tough questions.”

Frieda Powers


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