Tucker Carlson’s amusement over Elon Musk dishing on canning 80% of Twitter staff twisted by left

Fox News host Tucker Carlson scored an interview with Elon Musk and in airing some of their discussions on Monday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson marveled over the fact that Musk eliminated 80% of the workforce at Twitter after taking control of the social media platform.

Carlson is clearly entertained by the notion that 80% of those employed at Twitter were in non-essential roles, but the left saw his laughter in a very different light, as seen on Mediaite: “Tucker Carlson laughed maniacally during an interview with Elon Musk when discussing the thousands of employees the Twitter CEO has laid off.”

“What percentage of your staff did you fire at Twitter?” Carlson asked. “One of the great business stories of the year?”

“I think we’re about 20% of the original size,” Musk replied.

When Carlson clarified that 80% left the company, Musk confirmed the number, before noting that “a lot of people voluntarily” left.

“Eighty percent?” Carlson said. “That’s a lot.”

“Yes, I mean, if you’re not trying to run some sort of glorified activist organization with – and you don’t care that much about censorship, then you can really let go of a lot of people, it turns out,” Musk replied.

Carlson was clearly amused by the new Twitter boss referring to the company he purchased for $44 billion as a “glorified activist organization,” but that’s not how the left spun it:

“I had dinner with somebody who runs a big company recently,” he then told Musk. “He said, ‘I’m really inspired by Elon.’ And I said, ‘The free speech stuff?’ He goes, ‘No, the firing the staff stuff!’”

Again, Carlson laughed at the idea that there was so much fat to be cut.

Musk confirmed as much when he said, “I think we just had a situation at Twitter where it was absurdly overstaffed. What does it really take to operate Twitter? You know, most of what we’re talking about here is a group text at scale. Like, how many people are really needed for that?”

Tom Tillison


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