Tucker doubles-down on concerns over possible Trump assassination: We should be psychologically prepared

Tucker Carlson has been watching events surrounding former President Donald Trump escalate for years, and he feels the next logical step from his enemies will be an assassination attempt.

“I mean, just chart it out,” he told former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. “In the case of Trump, they started with protests. They moved to impeachment. Now they’re at indictment. None of it has worked. What’s next? What could possibly be next?”

“If you felt and you really believed, and a lot of them do, that the worst thing that could happen to the country and more specifically to you in the professional class is to have Donald Trump as president, and everything you have tried has failed, and they have been accelerating steps, protests, impeachment, indictment,” he explained. “How many more arrows do you have in your quiver? And what’s the next one?”

“And of course, it’s assassination,” Carlson stated. “And assassination happens around the world.”

Carlson noted that the president of Haiti’s predecessor was “found murdered in his bed” and Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was taken out.

Assassinations “in this country,” he said, have happened “far more often than we’re willing to admit.”

“So it’s not crazy,” Carlson said. “And, of course, it’s the last thing I want.”

The “Tucker Carlson Network” chief said it wasn’t a subject that Trump wanted to discuss.

“I said it directly to Trump, by the way, because it’s so obvious, how could you not say that? So I did,” Carlson told Bongino. “And he did not engage with me at all on that subject. And I don’t know what he actually thinks of it, but he’s smart, and so he must know that that’s true .”

As BizPac Review reported, Carlson did indeed ask Trump if he was concerned about an assassination plot during an interview he conducted on X as the first GOP primary debate went on without him.

“Are you worried they’re going to try and kill you?” he asked the former president, referring to those on the left.

“I’m looking at the trajectory since 2015 when you got into politics for real and then won,” Carlson said, noting that the attacks on Trump “started with protests” before moving to two impeachments and indictments.

“The next stage is violence,” Carlson said. “Are you worried they’re going to try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you, honestly?”

“They’re savage animals,” Trump replied. “They are people that are sick, really sick.”

“I literally don’t think they have boundaries,” Carlson told Bongino. “And I think we should be prepared, at least internally, psychologically, for them to do anything.”

Melissa Fine


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