Tucker eviscerates ‘awestruck’ McConnell for Zelenskyy worship: ‘You could almost hear giggles of pleasure’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday excoriated the uniparty of congressional Republicans and Democrats who are hellbent on giving Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy every taxpayer dollar up for grabs.

Speaking on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after Zelenskyy, dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, met with the president and later addressed Congress to ask for more money, Carlson began by slamming U.S. leaders for humoring him.

“[T]he president of Ukraine arrived at the White House dressed like the manager of a strip club and started to demand money. Amazingly, no one threw him out. Instead, they did whatever he wanted,” the Fox News host said.

“American taxpayers declare Joe Biden will continue to give Zelenskyy whatever he demands for, quote, ‘as long as it takes.’ Tellingly, Biden never specified what ‘it’ is. As long as it takes to do what? Push the Russian army back to pre-invasion borders? Sounds reasonable,” he added.

But, Carlson continued, that’s clearly not Zelenskyy’s true goal. What he really wants and is actively seeking is regime change, never mind the consequences.

“So what happens if he ‘wins?’ What does the ensuing chaos look like? Thought about that? Who’s going to secure the world’s largest nuclear arsenal once we help Zelenskyy topple the Russian government? Who replaces Putin? Strangely, those topics did not come up today because that wasn’t the point,” he said.

“The point was to fawn over the Ukrainian strip club manager and hand him billions more dollars from our own crumbling economy. It is hard, in fact, it may be impossible to imagine a more humiliating scenario for the greatest country on earth. And we would love to blame Joe Biden for it. But we can’t really, not entirely, at least,” he continued.

Why not? Because America’s love affair with Ukraine is a bipartisan one in which both Democrats and Republicans are active participants.

“This was bipartisan masochism. The uniparty is alive and well despite the best efforts of voters, including last month. And if you doubt that it’s alive and well, here’s a picture of Zelenskyy that he had taken with a group of elderly Republican senators in Kyiv back in May,” Carlson explained.

“They stand grinning next to him in their orthopedic shoes, 70-year-old Susan Collins, John Barrasso, John Cornyn, led by their 80-year-old ringleader, Mitch McConnell. Forty-four-year-old Zelenskyy poses between them in a skintight polo shirt, flexing like a weightlifter and trying to look ferocious,” he added


(Source: Fox News)

“They seem awestruck. Not since a young Fidel Castro showed up in New York wearing battle fatigues has this country’s aging leadership class tittered more loudly in delight. They love a man in uniform. What a hunk. So strong and decisive. Look at the expression in Mitch McConnell’s face, you could almost hear the giggles of pleasure,” Carlson continued, mocking the Democrats and Republicans in the picture above.

They were and remain so awestruck over Zelenskyy that they’ve been eagerly willing to ignore all the tyrannical decisions he’s made in recent months, such as banning an entire Christian denomination, seizing churches, and imprisoning priests.

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree enacting a National Security and Defense Council decision to impose personal sanctions against representatives of religious organizations associated with Russia, which invaded Ukraine more than nine months ago,” the Associated Press reported at the start of the month.

And this is apparently all OK. Indeed, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell obliviously delivered a floor speech this week claiming that “providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans,” never mind everything else.

Carlson was left flabbergasted.

“Number one? Before our own economy? Or our own children’s schools? Or, for that matter, before the more than 2000 young people killed last year by fentanyl in Mitch McConnell’s ‘home state’ of Kentucky? Punishing Vladimir Putin for putting Donald Trump in office is more important than all of that, says Mitch McConnell,” he pondered aloud in confusion.

“Ukraine’s borders matter. Ours don’t matter. You may have suspected they thought that. But at this point, they’re just coming out and saying this right in your face. And of course, the White House agrees completely,” he added.

Yes, it does. This week President Joe Biden likewise delivered remarks promising essentially even more money and weapons to Ukraine, including patriot missile batteries, which critics say could lead to an escalation of the conflict.


Carlson accused him of reading a script.

“He’s reading his little script. Maybe it was written by the defense contractors that just hosted an event in Washington for the Ukrainian ambassador. Literally, they put their logos on the invitation just in case there was any question about what’s going on here. So this is a big change from what we had last month. But you wouldn’t know that from the media coverage of it,” he said.

“Your average reporter in Washington likes Zelenskyy a lot more than he likes you. So nobody asks about it. But this is a major policy change. It was just a few months ago that a senior U.S. defense official said, and we’re quoting, ‘There is no discussion about putting a Patriot battery in Ukraine. In order to do that, you would have to put U.S. troops with it to operate,'” he continued.

In other words, the U.S. would have to enter into a direct fight with Russia — which isn’t necessarily something most Americans support.

Not that what most Americans want even matters anymore …


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