Tucker has riveting debate with Project Blueprint mogul who has seriously slowed aging

Tucker Carlson this week interviewed tech mogul Bryan Johnson, a man who believes he’s found the pathway to immortality.

According to Carlson, Johnson is known for pursuing extreme lengths to push back against the effects of aging. But here’s the crazy thing: His “blueprint” appears to be working. After all, he’s 40-something yet looks 20-something.

Watch the Carlson interview below to see for yourself:

The interview began with Carlson asking what he does with his body to keep it looking/appearing fresh and young.

“We measure every organ of my body — my heart, my lungs, my liver, my pancreas, my brain — and we biologically age each organ,” he said. “So you say how old is the heart? So even though I’m 46, my heart is 37. My left ear is 64. My lung capacity is age 18. My cardiovascular capacity is the top 1.5 percent of 18-year-olds.”

“So you need to know where your baseline is, and so we’ve measured my entire body. I’ve become the most measured person in history. And once you have all those numbers, then you can go to therapies and say, can you slow the speed of aging, and can you reverse the aging damage that has happened, and that’s been the project for the past three years,” he added.

It’s called Project Blueprint, and it’s serious business.

“Johnson takes more than 100 supplements a day, submits himself to constant medical assessments, keeps to a strict diet that prohibits any food after 11 a.m., goes to bed at 8:30 p.m., and pursues experiments with a dizzying array of treatments,” Rolling Stone magazine reported last September.

He does this at a reported cost of $2 million per year, and by golly, it’s working like a charm.

“I slowed my speed of aging,” Johnson explained to Carlson. “So inside your body there’s a clock with how fast you’re aging, and that clock is determined by the DNA methylation. I’ve reduced my speed of aging by the equivalent of 31 years, so I now age … 7.6 months for every 12 months that pass.”


“And so we’ve done this through diet and exercise and sleep and a bunch of other therapies,” he continued. “But, yes we can quantifiably measure how fast my aging — what are the ages of my organs — and then we can use therapies to go about it.”

“And so we do everything according to science and data. This is not me offering an opinion; this is my entire body on display for the world of what happens when you apply the world’s best science into a body,” he added.

The interview continued with Carlson asking Johnson what exactly he eats to stay so young.

“I have three meals a day,” he replied. “So breakfast is broccoli, cauliflower, black lentils, garlic, and ginger. The next meal of the day is pea protein, pomegranate juice, macadamia nuts, walnuts, flax seed, sunflower lecithin. And the final meal of the day is berries, nuts, fruits.”

Carlson then asked him how he chose these food items.

“What we tried to do with the diet is we said, if you take the frame that every calorie you put into your body has to fight for its life, what would that be?” Johnson responded. “And so we went through, we referenced all the scientific literature, we said what has the best evidence, and then we put into my body, then we measure.”

“So if a given thing is supposed to do a thing in the body, it stays. And if it doesn’t, it’s out. And so what I told you is every calorie is precisely designed, and these are population-level studies. This is not just me. This could be applicable to you as well,” he added.

When asked what foods he avoids, Johnson hilariously named “the standard American diet.” Oof.

“It’s really bad,” he said of the American diet. “I knew it was bad. Like we all know it’s bad. I didn’t know how bad. Once you understand the biochemical processes of what happens in your body when you eat these things, it’s awful.”

True …

Watch the rest of the interview on the social media platform X.

Vivek Saxena


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