‘My brain is so broken’: NBC News editor traumatized by Jeopardy game called J!6

A trivia game’s unintended connection to January 6 left corporate media figures melting down as one readily admitted, “My brain is so broken.”

Jarring and reactionary sensationalism being the bread and butter from the pearl clutchers who oft proclaim, “Democracy is at stake,” histrionics appeared as no surprise when the Deputy Washington editor for NBC News Digital learned that “Jeopardy!” had a game named “J!6.”

On Thursday, Sarah Mimms shared a short promotion for the game that allowed fans to answer bonus questions that didn’t make the cut for the daily program. In the process, she revealed her own and others’ lack of fact-checking as she captioned, “You will never believe what this new Jeopardy game is called. My brain is so broken.”

While respondents would happily agree to the pronouncement, albeit for different reasons, what followed Mimms’ post was a pile-on from peers equally outraged over the decades-old program having the gall to offer a product that called up images of the breach of the U.S. Capitol in 2021.

Lisa Tozzi, the executive digital director for Rolling Stone replied, “I have been screaming about this for a year! Every time I see the ad I freak out!” Mimms added, “I watch and play on my Alexa, the first time I’d heard this and I had to rewind it.”

Likewise, Grace Segers of The New Republic contended, “Discovering this last year literally felt like a punch to the gut.”

Whether they were indifferent to researching when the game was created or simply fixed on their narrative that hearing the juxtaposition of the letter “J” and number “6” was traumatic, commenters gladly pointed out what was easily identified — the game had been around since 2016.

A release for “J!6” announced in March 2016, “Ever feel like 30 minutes of Jeopardy! per day isn’t enough? You’re not alone. In order to keep the Jeopardy! gameplay going after those 30 minutes are up, we created a game called J!6. J!6 gives you the chance to play the extra clue written for each day’s categories. It’s the best way to get more J! and you won’t find it anywhere else.”

Of course, that simple reality didn’t stop many from continuing to associate the events of Jan. 6 with the terror attack of Sept. 11, 2001, as one person even shared a crass promotion for a sandwich chain that read, “Fly on in for Subtember 11th!” with the caption, “same vibes.”

Those firmly rooted in reality were prepared to challenge the credentials of the corporate media figures while also slamming them for their personal insecurities and for peddling in panic.

Kevin Haggerty


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