Tucker rips Karine Jean-Pierre over take on racism: ‘She’s furious at America despite her ample privilege’

(Video: Fox News)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned on Tuesday that, like many modern “woke” leftists, incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre thinks she’s oppressed despite being a child of immense privilege.

“She’s … the product of a private school and an Ivy League college, and yet still oppressed somehow. She is furious at America, despite her ample privilege, and enraged by its racist systems of oppression, and she’s happy to tell you about it,” he said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday.

The Fox News host then played an old PBS interview clip of Jean-Pierre demonizing America as racist as she spoke about former President Barack Obama’s presidency.

“When he got elected, I think people thought we were in a post-racial America, and we were not. I think what we learned is that racism was very much real and still very much around. And the obstruction that he saw, just the horrible racist rhetoric of having a black family in the White House, was very clear. You felt the hate, and you saw the hate. I just think that America has a really big problem with race, and it’s very real,” the clip showed her saying.

Mocking Jean-Pierre, Carlson then said, “Yeah, they keep electing Obama and promoting me, despite the fact I have no qualifications for the job.”

“Lesson: It’s a racist country. Now there’s a word for this. Kind of a clever term. It’s called ‘cry-bullying.’ ‘Stop hitting me,’ they say, as they punch you in the face. Why do they do it? Well, they do it because it works,” he continued.

“You whine about racism, and you get into the best schools, you get promoted, and eventually you run the federal government. And your presence atop the food chain is nothing, if not evidence, that the country is still racist. It has to be, or you can’t justify your job,” Carlson added.

Yet despite Jean-Pierre’s cries of racism, she has a history of speaking with a known bigot and racist, Joy Reid of MSNBC.

As an example, Carlson played a clip from 2020 that showed her essentially claiming that it’s racist to refer to the coronavirus as the Chinese coronavirus.

The Fox News host wasn’t surprised by her rhetoric.

“So criticizing the Chinese government, the most powerful organization in the world, is racist? Of course, criticizing the powerful is always racist. America itself is racist. Talking about COVID is racist. What isn’t racist? Well, we checked Karine Jean-Pierre’s Twitter feed to find out what isn’t racist. Couldn’t find much, but we did find a very long list of things that are,” he said.

He then listed things/people that she’d accused of being racist. Below are a couple of the examples he cited:

The list goes on and on and on.

The Fox News host noted that having someone who thinks literally everything is racist could be a problem, particularly on the world stage.

“This is the person the Biden administration hired to tell the rest of us what Joe Biden really means when he says, for example, he’s going to kill Vladimir Putin. How long until this person calls Putin a racist? Oh, she probably already has. How is that going to turn out in the middle of a war?” he said.

“We might not have to wait long to find out. Here’s yet another incredibly racist thing, according to America’s new press secretary. Of course, it is voter identification laws. Now, you will find voter ID laws in every country on the planet, including in Africa, but that doesn’t make them any less racist,” he pointed out.

He then played an old MSNBC clip from 2018 of Jean-Pierre deriding voter ID laws as a form of so-called “voter suppression.”

Again, Carlson wasn’t surprised.

“We started the show saying, could you find someone more grating, dumber, more aggressive than Jen Psaki, who’s headed off to MSNBC next week? And the answer is, oh, yeah. The Biden administration can find someone even worse. That’s their job,” he said.

And Jean-Pierre is indeed worse, he concluded, because she combines the “shallow, nasty, and partisan” attitude of outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki with the cry-bullying behavior of modern “woke” leftists …


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