Tucker says Biden has one achievement as president: ‘Completely discredited and killed’ neoliberalism

(Video: Fox News)

Citing a “half-right” Washington Post article from April 2021, in which the paper defined “neoliberalism” as “centrist liberalism, friendly to Wall Street” and suggested Joe Biden’s “new economy” marked “the waning of the neoliberal era,”  Tucker Carlson stated we are, indeed, witnessing the end of neoliberalism, but not because Biden had something better to offer —  rather, it’s because he “embraced” it and reminded Americans “that it’s horrible.”

“It was a year ago this month that Joe Biden promised to transform this country, change it more than any president had in over 100 years,” Carlson stated at the top of his Friday show. “He was going to create a new economy through what he called ‘a once in a generation investment in America, unlike anything we’ve seen or done since we built the interstate highway system.'”

Carlson noted that the price of such a promise would wind up costing taxpayers more than $4 trillion dollars, and, despite The Post’s definition of “neoliberalism” — which Carlson said is really “looting with a smokescreen of race and gender politics” — neoliberalism, a year later,  has waned as a result.

“Neoliberalism has indeed waned under Joe Biden,” Carlson said. “It will not survive the Biden administration, but that’s not because Joe Biden has rejected neoliberalism or found an alternative, something that will revolutionize America, like the interstate highway system. No.”

“It’s because Joe Biden embraced neoliberalism and in so doing reminded the rest of us, tens of millions of Americans, that it’s horrible, that neoliberalism serves the interests of virtually no one,” Carlson explained. “It’s a cover for the distribution of wealth, a distribution that has become more lopsided in our age than at any age ever.”

According to Carlson, the distribution of wealth is the reason President Biden beats the drums along the racial divide in our nation as fiercely as he does– a tactic that has been part of the neoliberal playbook at least since Occupy Wall Street, more than a decade ago.


“Neoliberal politicians and media outlets began ranting about race constantly around that time to get you to stop thinking about what they were actually doing and for a long time, it worked,” said Carlson, “but it can’t work forever because it’s not true.”

Carlson played a montage of Biden repeatedly claiming that White Supremacists are the biggest threat to America, then countered it with actual headlines illustrating that many race-based crimes have been perpetrated by black nationalists.

“Again, it doesn’t mean that the country has an epidemic of Black supremacy,” said Carlson, “but it does mean that the constant harping on race, dividing us by skin color, telling some people that they are hated by the country itself, has consequences.”

Carlson stated the Democratic party embraced the “Wall Street approved theme” about white supremacy, and “to this day, neoliberals are trying to salvage that, to convince [you] it’s really true.”

“So, the talking point may be fake,” said Carlson, “but they’re continuing to throw it at you.”


And, as if race-baiting isn’t enough, said Carlson, the gender debate is yet “another smokescreen.”

“At this point, Joe Biden is not just inventing racial crimes and attributing them to millions of people who did nothing wrong,” said Carlson. “He’s also inventing entire new genders, too, and this is another smokescreen. Now it’s let’s leave the entire population wondering what a woman is.”

Carlson pointed to the nation’s reaction to the swearing-in of transgender health official Rachel Levine as the nation’s first four-star admiral as an obvious example of the disconnect between the Biden administration and the American people.

“Well, the good news is people are rejecting this because it serves no one,” Carlson stated. “It does not uplift anybody. It makes the population hate each other.”

“So, our leaders don’t understand that,” Carlson said. “They don’t understand that their ideas have been rejected by the population.”

“Corporate media, which carries the ideas forward into the living rooms of America, doesn’t understand it, either,” he added. “But the reality may wake them up. You’re seeing it happen again and again, the rejection of neoliberal ideas.”

As an example, the Fox News host noted the epic failure of CNN+, “because people don’t really want to pay to watch that crap, to be called bigots, or learn about trans senior citizens, and it has nothing to do with their lives, and they know for a fact it won’t improve them.”

Instead, says Carlson, people are tuning into Joe Rogan, “because he’s interesting and he’s curious and he noticed the world changing all around him and he wants to know what the hell’s going on and so does everyone else.”

It’s the same reason, he said, that led to Spotify dropping the Obamas, “because they had nothing to say because they’re banal.”


“What are we watching here?” Carlson asked his viewers. “We’re watching the end of neoliberalism and its core plank, the thing it depends upon to survive, which is corporate control over media and hence your brain.”

And that, said Carlson, is why neoliberals are losing their minds over the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk, despite polls that show the majority of Americans support the transaction.

By losing control of Twitter and the official narrative, he explained, the current administration will no longer be able to hide the fact that many Americans “can barely afford to live in their own country.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter what our political leaders say, because “people still live here and they still have eyes to see and if their lives are getting worse,” he contended.

“They know that you’re lying and that the beliefs you are selling are hollow and the core belief is neoliberalism,” Carlson said. “That’s been completely discredited and killed by Joe Biden. If he’s achieved anything as president, it’s that.”


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