Tucker says his lawyers warned that Biden regime could arrest him for Putin interview

Tucker Carlson may have scored the most-talked-about interview of the year when he sat down with Russian President Vladimir Putin but he did so at great peril to his personal freedom.

Carlson, who has become arguably the most important journalist in the world since he was ousted by Fox News, said that he was warned by his lawyers that the regime could have moved to arrest him over the Putin interview, a chilling statement about press freedom in Joe Biden’s America.

His comments came during a lengthy three-hour discussion with Lex Fridman on the latest edition of his podcast and the topic of the Putin interview came up.

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“My lawyers before I left, and these are people who work for a big law firm, this is not Bob’s Law Firm, this is one of the biggest law firms in the world, said you’re going to get arrested if you do this, by the U.S. government on sanctions violations,” he told Fridman.

“And I said, well — you know, I don’t recognize the legitimacy of that actually because I’m American and I’ve lived here my whole life, and that’s so outrageous that I’m happy to face that risk because I so reject the premise,” Carlson said. “Okay, I’m an American, I should be able to talk to anyone I want to, and I plan to exercise that freedom, which I think I was born with.”

“And I gave him this long lecture, they were like, ‘we’re just lawyers,’ he continued. “But that was…let me put it this way. I don’t know how much you’ve dealt with lawyers, but it costs many thousands of dollars to get a conclusion like that. Like, they sent a whole bunch of their summer associates or whatever. They sent, they put a lot of people on this question, checked a lot of precedent, and I think, and they sent me a 10-page memo on it and their sincere conclusion was, do not do this.”

And of course, it made me mad. So, I was lecturing on the phone and I had another call with the head lawyer, and he said, look, a lot will depend on the questions that you ask Putin,” he added. “If you’re seen as too nice to him, you could get arrested when you come back.”

“And I was like, you’re describing a fascist country, okay? You’re saying that the U.S. government will arrest me if I don’t ask the questions they want asked?” Carlson said.

The description of a “fascist country” sure seems to fit the United States under Biden where political prisoners have been rotting in jail for years without trial and the Justice Department is trying to convict and imprison the leading opposition candidate, GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump, in the months before the election. Just two of the many examples of how America has been upended in three short years.

Carlson’s sit-down with the Russian leader has racked up 208 million views on X, infuriating the regime and its stooges.

Chris Donaldson


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