Tulsi takes on Nikki at CPAC, defends Trump against the Haley attacks

Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard defended GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump over attacks from Nikki Haley who seems to be on a mission to sabotage Republican hopes of retaking the White House this year.

Gabbard spoke at the CPAC conference in Washington, D.C. on Thursday where she condemned the dark alley down which America has been dragged by her one-time party and rejected the lies and propaganda about Trump, many of which have been parroted by the ex-governor of South Carolina.

“If you listen to what Nikki Haley has been saying,” she said as boos rang out over the mention of Haley’s name. “She claims that President Trump only cares about himself and that he’s doing all that he’s doing only for himself.”

“If that were the case, wouldn’t he just walk away from all this? Walk away from the headaches and the attacks and the stress that he’s enduring right now?” Gabbard asked. “So why doesn’t he?”

“I’ve had the chance to meet with him and speak with him at length and I’ve seen firsthand his heartfelt interactions with friends of mine, veterans, and I’ve seen how he has touched their hearts and moved them to tears as he expressed his appreciation for their service and their sacrifice,” she continued. “No cameras, no crowds, just that heartfelt conveyance of appreciation.”

“I’ve gotten a sense for what motivates him and it’s got nothing to do with what the Washington establishment is accusing him of. This is a man who’s a fighter,” Gabbard said as applause broke out. “His strength and resilience can only come from one place. His ability to endure this hardship can only come from one place and that’s a sincere love and concern for the future of our country and his care for the American people.”

Haley has shed any illusion that she is running on behalf of the ordinary Americans to whom she deceptively pays lip service, and each lie about Trump and Russia shows that she is the candidate of the globalist D.C. uni-party that is determined to impose its Orwellian version of “our democracy” on a country in which freedom is under constant assault.

“Our democracy is under attack. The perpetrators of this attack are those who, in the name of saving our democracy, are destroying it. I don’t use these words lightly,” Gabbard told the CPAC crowd. “Every one of us who loves this country and who cherishes peace and freedom should be very alarmed by those who, driven by their insatiable hunger for power, are actively undermining all that we stand for.”

“And almost every single day, if you’re paying attention to the news and the headlines, there is some new assault and some new attack. Now, it’s the Democrat elite and the swamp creatures in Washington who are doing all that they possibly can to keep us, the American people, from a very simple thing, having the freedom to choose who we want to be our next president. And it is clear through their actions they have no respect for us, and they have no respect for our rights as citizens of this democratic republic,” she said.

“They’re hoping and doing all that they can, that they can convict Donald Trump of some crime, any crime, to try to undermine his support and therefore prevent what they fear most, a second Trump presidency. And there’s a reason why they’re so afraid of him. Because he poses a threat to this establishment, where they draw their power from,” Gabbard said.

Spoken of as a potential Trump vice presidential pick by some, Gabbard is reportedly set to headline a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago next month.

Chris Donaldson


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