‘Backdoor Nikki’: Ramaswamy explains why Haley isn’t going anywhere

Former presidential candidate-turned-Trump stumper Vivek Ramaswamy blasted Republican opponent Nikki Haley, predicting she will “get *zero*” delegates in Saturday’s South Carolina primary — the state for which she served as governor from 2011 to 2017 — but will stay in the race to “detract votes” from the GOP frontrunner in November’s general election.

“Nikki didn’t even *try* to collect any delegates in Nevada & now she’ll get *zero* from South Carolina, yet her anti-Trump mega donor $$ is still flowing,” Ramaswamy stated on X. “The game is hiding in plain sight: they’re hoping for Biden’s lawfare to eliminate Trump & then backdoor Nikki, or else make a play for her on No Labels to detract votes from Trump in the general.”

Ramaswamy was on his way to the Palmetto State, where he held a press conference to address a “hard truth” about Nikki Haley.

“Not going to hold back today in SC,” he vowed ahead of the event.

True to his word, the entrepreneur excoriated Haley for rewarding as governor “a Chinese company with land, with tax benefits, and, as best we can tell, outright financial incentives and gifts, bestowed on a Chinese company to compete against a great American company that’s doing the same thing right here at home.”

The Chinese were not competing on “fair terms,” Ramaswamy said, but had “special advantages given to them by a Republican governor of this state — that is Nikki Haley.”

“That’s not capitalism,” he said, “that is crony capitalism, and that’s what needs to end.”

The 2024 election is not about Republicans versus Democrats, he stated, “it’s America First versus America Last.”

“That’s what’s at stake in this election,” Ramaswamy stressed.

Following the Aiken, S.C., rally, Ramaswamy said, “Enthusiasm for Trump is palpable.”

“The shocking part is the outright *disdain* for Nikki from those in her home state,” he added. “It seems pervasive.”

Speaking to reporters amid word that he is on Trump’s shortlist for a running mate, Ramaswamy said his only focus is ensuring that Trump is reelected.

“Donald Trump has got to win this election,” he said. “That’s my sole focus in making sure he wins by a decisive victory. And I am going to do whatever I can to make sure his presidency is as successful as it possibly can be, and I’m going to respect the decisions that he makes in running the government.”

“I’m going to help him succeed in whatever way I can.”

Melissa Fine


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