Turley confounded that Fani Willis, Nathan Wade haven’t stepped down: Case gets ‘worse by the day’

Jonathan Turley is “astonished” that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade have not “stepped aside” from Trump’s case as the mess they’ve made by lying is getting “worse by the day.”

The Fulton County district attorney and her special prosecutor have had an intimate ongoing relationship. They have both tripped up over the timeline of the affair and have been accused of lying, witness tampering, and obstruction. All charges that could very well stick and get both of them disbarred.

When Turley, who is a constitutional legal scholar, told Fox News host Bill Hemmer that the two have long overstayed their welcome in this case, it elicited a surprised “wow” from him.

Wade’s former law partner, divorce attorney Terrence Bradley, had originally claimed that the affair between the two started years ago. Now, he can’t seem to remember much of that, but others can. Co-Chief Deputy for the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office Cindi Lee Yeager and another witness are claiming Bradley is lying.

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On Tuesday’s episode of “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, Turley addressed the legal quagmire that Willis and Wade find themselves in. He addressed Bradley’s testimony which is not helping the case in the least.

It was painful to watch. It had that look of a hostage tape, where he was just saying, ‘I know nothing, I heard nothing. If I said anything, I didn’t mean it.’ The problem is that this is getting worse by the day. So this new filing has another attorney, an officer of the court, saying, look, I heard that testimony, and I was shocked because I did hear with absolute clarity, the opposite of what was being stated to the court,” Turley remarked.

“And so you have this situation for the judge where you have emails, where there isn’t ambiguity. He is very clear that this relationship began before Wade was hired. And now you have this other attorney saying, yeah, that was the same clarity that I heard. So how does the court deal with that? What is very clear is that the continuation of Wade and Willis is undermining their case, undermining their office, and they have put their interests before that of the public,” he added.

“I am quite astonished that they have not stepped aside. They have an independent professional obligation towards their office, obviously to the people of the county. I don’t believe that they are shouldering that responsibility regardless of what the court is doing or will do,” Turley bluntly commented.

“Wow,” Hemmer responded. “We’ll see whether or not Cindy Lee Yeager is to be heard from in that court sometime soon. Do you think it will happen or not? Will the judge allow it?”

“I’m not so sure. I would bet against it,” Turley told Hemmer. “I think that this judge is ready to make a decision, and this drip, drip, drip is going to have to stop. But it’s in the record, and he may have to take note of it.”

Bradley testified under oath last week after Judge Scott McAfee forced him to, stating that he couldn’t assert attorney-client privilege in the matter.

During his testimony, Bradley said he couldn’t recall exactly the details and timelines concerning the conversations he had with Wade about his former partner’s affair with Willis.

After hearing that, Yeager came forward. She wanted to set the record straight, challenging Bradley’s claims and she has filed a notice of proposed testimony.

Yeager has made a number of allegations that include Bradley lying about his knowledge of Willis and Wade’s affair. She also claims that she overheard a phone call between Willis and Wade in September 2023. During that call, Willis allegedly warned that “they are coming after us,” after a report surfaced concerning her spending and trips with Willis.

The judge has already heard testimony which ended last Friday. He has said he will issue a ruling within two weeks but he is now being petitioned to hear further testimony against Willis and Wade in the case.


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