Twitter rushes to defend Casey DeSantis after WaPo slams ‘insular marriage’ that ‘inspires so much fear’

As the battle for the GOP nomination between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump heats up, attacks on the Sunshine State’s first lady, Casey DeSantis, are becoming all too frequent for supportive Twitter users who rushed to her defense in response to a Sunday story from The Washington Post.

“As a unit, Ron-and-Casey, one word, have become one of the most guarded and feared partnerships in politics,” Ruby Cramer wrote in The Post.

“As Ron DeSantis pursues the presidency, his wife’s role is limitless,” Cramer stated. “Casey, 42, isn’t a typical political spouse. Why does that inspire so much fear? Her rise in TV and insular marriage tell the story.”

Power, Cramer says, only made the couple more distant.

“Ron and Casey live as an inner circle of two,” according to the journalist. “They were always two private people, trusting of each other, often exclusively so, but the level of prominence and power they achieved in Tallahassee seemed to insulate their world further, creating a level of distance between Ron and Casey and everyone else.”

It’s a far cry from the way another powerful political couple — Bill and Hillary Clinton — have been treated by the mainstream media, many on Twitter noted.

“It is very inspiring and empowering for a woman to be in an expansive and atypical role, as long as she is a Democrat and not in one of those weird, insular marriages with only two people in it,” quipped podcast host Mary Katharine Ham. “The Clintons got it right.”

“Gasp! Florida’s First Lady is in an insular marriage—oh my!—and that’s icky because she’s, by all appearances, dedicated to her husband and vice versa?!” tweeted Independent Women’s Forum senior fellow Gabriella Hoffman. “How dare she be normal, committed to one man, and want an enduring marriage!”

“PSA: every sane woman wants this,” she added.

Hannah Cox, president and co-founder of BASEDPolitics, called the “sexism” against Casey “foul.”

“The rank sexism towards Casey DeSantis is really getting foul,” she fumed. “You guys. She is in an INSULAR marriage. Meaning she and her husband are straight and don’t sleep with other people. FREAKS.”

And there were plenty more who were ready to call The Post out.

“Delete your entire joke of a publication, you clowns,” suggested one user.

“You really didn’t need a backhoe to embarrass yourselves, lol,” another told WaPo. “It would have been so much easier to say he is extremely effective and his wife is right there to support him…”

“Wow,” remarked yet another. “Why do you hate strong conservative women?”

For another Twitter user, the story speaks more about the state of The Washington Post than it does the DeSantis’s marriage.

“Insular marriage?” one user asked The Post. “Man you all are desperate.”

Melissa Fine


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