UFC champ goes off: ‘Hawaii has always been a socialist, communist state, and it’s time to get out of it’

The latest example of leftists not letting a crisis go to waste set one UFC fighter up in arms as he lambasted the government’s response to the Maui wildfires.

“That’s not what Hawaii is about. ‘Aloha’ is the law.”

(Video: Fox News)

Following the suffering of loved ones lost and worry over those still missing, a major concern for Hawaiians has been impacted by the disaster presented with efforts to buy up the devastated landscape for future developments. On Thursday, former UFC fighter and native Hawaiian B.J. Penn joined Fox News host Jesse Watters to discuss those “obvious” intentions that could impact the entire island chain for the worse.

Appearing on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” the civic-minded fighter, who came in second place during the 2022 Hawaii GOP gubernatorial primary to former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona, summarized the nature of politics in his corner of the Pacific and what it meant for the poorer citizens.

“They say that the state is very left, and it’s that type of state, but I think everybody’s starting to pick up real quick about what’s going on — about the agenda, about, you know, the state wants to take over everything,” Penn told Watters.

“Hawaii has always been a socialist, communist state, and it’s time to get out of it,” he continued. “The people are in the position right now with this, with the … assessment property tax. It’s killing everybody. Everybody’s gonna have to leave.”

As he had expressed, those who had been living there for generations could have a neighbor sell their property for millions, a matter the fighter suggested would leave the community footing the bill in new taxes, ultimately forcing them out.

Penn had spoken of these concerns at a community meeting Tuesday and could be heard saying in clips played by Watters, “We come here to talk about something and then you guys start fighting back with us. You work for us. You don’t talk to your boss like that, right? Who talks to the boss like that?”

“Shame! Shame is when you steal. Shame is when you do something behind everybody’s back,” the fighter railed. “That’s not what Hawaii is about. ‘Aloha’ is the law.”

He also called out Gov. Josh Green (D) for allegedly taking unilateral actions that disregarded the concerns of the devastated Lahaina community and argued that the actions the governor has taken were only meant “to further his political career.”

Worried that a land grab throughout Maui could “set a precedent there, and then come to all the other places,” Penn committed to standing up for the people of Hawaii to defend every parcel of land.

“I’ve got no problem fighting these guys for any state, city, land, one acre, a quarter-acre — whatever it is — 100 feet,” he told Watters. “We’ve got to fight them.”

The strong stance earned big praise for the former champion as social media users expressed their willingness to support his effort.

Kevin Haggerty


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