Ugly brawl breaks out at kindergarten graduation in Memphis – even children square up

An ugly scene broke out at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Tennessee when a brawl erupted with both adults and children involved, leading to multiple arrests.

The action went down at Buckley Carpenter Elementary in Somerville on May 15 when emotions boiled over, resulting in fisticuffs in the bleachers of the school gymnasium where hundreds of parents and children were present for what became a memorable occasion for all the wrong reasons.

In video of the throwdown that has gone viral on social media, the two adults involved who were identified as Kierra Smith and Tyeisha Humphreys are seen duking it out as attendees scramble to get out of harm’s way as others joined the melee.

(Video: YouTube/FOX13 Memphis)

Police from multiple departments responded and were able to break up the brawl and restore order. According to Fox 13 Memphis, Humphreys said that Smith attacked first by smacking her, sparking the larger fight.

But that’s not the story that Smith gave. She said that it was Humphreys who drew first blood, hitting her while she was speaking to a child.

“Investigators obtained video showing an argument between a child and Smith. The child then stood up and took an aggressive stance. Smith then stood up as well and that was when Humphreys came down the bleachers and hit Smith from behind,” Fox 13 reported. “Humphreys continued to attack Smith and a large fight ensued between 10-12 adults and children, records show.”

Humphreys, along with her mother Ronda Humphreys and another man, Dantavious Gilchrease, were arrested.

According to the outlet, while outside the school, Gilchrease allegedly threatened Humphreys that he would “shoot her in the face. ”

Social media users seemed to pinpoint a common characteristic in such incidents, which occur on a frequent basis.

“It’s really embarrassing for the county. I hope the law can get to the bottom of this and I can clear my name and find what really happened to my son because the board won’t let me look at the video,” Humphreys told Fox 13. “I got hysterical. The police called the ambulance. They said he had a concussion and released him.”

“The kids, that was an exciting day for them, to be graduating kindergarten and you know, starting to be a big kid and something like that happening is so, so sad,” one witness told the outlet.

Chris Donaldson


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