‘Yo!’ Hooligans ambush NYPD officer with contents of fire extinguisher

The latest edition to a highlight reel of dangerous hijinks featured masked men, a fire extinguisher and an unsuspecting member of the NYPD sent to the hospital.

Lawlessness in Gotham has shown no signs of slowing and the soft-on-crime policies from leftists have engendered disrespect and outright abuse of law enforcement officers. Unlike rampant gang activity, both foreign and domestic, or the Hamas sympathizing wannabe revolutionaries on college campuses and throughout the Big Apple, the latest incident hadn’t even feigned pretext in what the New York Post described as a “sick prank.”

Video posted on the social media account of one Maniacc M T showed as a car pulled up alongside an NYPD patrol car while a passenger in the front seat secreted a fire extinguisher out of view in their lap.

No sooner had the car come to a stop and the window was lowered, the passenger could be heard saying, “Yo,” at the individual, later identified as a 43-year-old uniformed traffic agent, who turned toward the sound only to receive a douse of the fire extinguisher’s contents in the face.

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According to the Post, the incident had occurred Thursday morning shortly before 7 a.m. on Saint Nicholas Avenue near 118th Street and, no sooner had the traffic agent been attacked with the fire extinguisher, than the vehicle sped off.

The passenger in the backseat promptly turned the camera on himself as someone could be heard saying repeatedly, “Lord Diablo.”

While the NYPD had yet to release details about the ongoing investigation into the attack, it was detailed that the traffic agent had suffered an eye injury and had been transported to nearby Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital where their condition remained stable.

At the time of this post, the video had been viewed nearly 700,000 times on the Instagram account that featured a slew of other depictions of flagrant disregard for authority, public safety and the safety of a child.

While it is unknown how many of the videos come from others, the content delivered to more than 76,000 followers included individuals riding bicycles, motorized scooters and ATVs. In one clip a mob had evidently taken over Park Ave. on the Upper East Side of Manhattan while a patrol car patiently pursued behind the characters weaving in and out of traffic.

Another clip that reminded “Helmets tho please” showed a man and a child said to be his son doing wheelies on a four-wheeler down the middle of a street.

As reactions poured in on social media, users not only decried the latest sign of societal collapse in Gotham, but also the chosen descriptor of “prank” it would readily be labeled assault of a police officer.

“Prank? Assault of a cop,” said one as another suggested, “These are young thugs. It makes me think of how easy it’s going to be for trained enemy bad guys to step up the game in cities like NYC. They could be literally anywhere thanks to Biden’s border policy.”

Kevin Haggerty


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