UNC student pelted by anti-Israel mob recalls harrowing experience: ‘There were water bottles flying everywhere’

A female student at the University of North Carolina who was pelted with abuse and debris by a pro-Palestine mob for holding an American flag aloft recalled the scary experience.

The young woman was on the Chapel Hill campus this week when anti-American protesters tore down the U.S. flag and briefly replaced it with the Palestinian one that serves as a banner for terrorists and has been flown at the antisemitic protests that have taken place in the country over Israel’s war on Hamas.

Determined to show her patriotic devotion to America, the student whose name is Hailey, along with another student held up an American flag, infuriating the mob which lashed out at them.

Hailey talked to Fox News Digital about the events of the day which were notable for the actions of UNC fraternity members who rescued the flag in a viral video that even the White House has praised.

(Video: Fox News Digital)

“I definitely was emotionally a little bit shaken,” she told the outlet. “I was like, I cannot believe my eyes that we as a country are at a place where the American flag is being replaced by Palestinian flag. I was just in shock.”

“I stood… holding an American flag as they were taking it down. It was the most shocking thing I think I have ever seen in my life,” she added. “I just felt so patriotic. I felt so proud of my country and proud of the Americans who are standing beside me, who are holding the flag with me, who are willing to stand out and protect it. And like, I would give my life to protect that flag. I would give my life to protect America in a heartbeat. And. I was willing to do that that day.”

“I definitely had projectiles thrown at me many times,” Hailey said, recalling how she was pelted with objects thrown by the pro-Palestine miscreants. “There were water bottles flying everywhere. I think they were like chicken broth balloons. People would smell like chicken broth for a long time… I know a couple of kids had rocks and sticks thrown at them. One of my friends got hit with a water bottle and had, like, a gash under his eye.

If a national movement arises to take the country back from “woke” leftists and Jew haters, it may very well be that what went down in Chapel Hill this week will be the spark that ignites it.

In what may one day be remembered as an iconic video, the UNC frat bros are seen as they prevent the flag from touching the ground, an action that has earned praise and a GoFundMe account to raise money to throw the young men a “rager” of a party has already raised over half a million dollars.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre even called the UNC fraternity’s rescue of the flag “admirable” which speaks volumes from an administration not typically known for its patriotism.

“This was about the honor of America,” Hailey told Fox News Digital.

“It’s been really hard to study for finals, really hard to focus and concentrate,” she added of the disruptive nature of the protests. “I definitely acknowledge people’s right to have free speech, and I think that people should be able to protest. However, the fact that they are really disrupting normal university operations is the problem. And it’s really it’s been a disruption to my learning experience here.”

Chris Donaldson


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