Unsuspecting NYC man hit in the back of his head with a baseball bat – attack caught on video

New York City has become a hotbed for violent crime under soft-on-crime District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Tuesday morning was no exception when an unsuspecting man had his walk down a Manhattan street abruptly interrupted by a man who was hiding a baseball bat in his pants.

The hoodie-clad assailant walked up from behind a man in a red jacket and glanced at his face as if to confirm he was his intended target according to the video released by the New York City Police Department on Saturday.

The suspect then turned around and began fiddling with his waistband. Once a third man who was walking in the opposite direction passed, he pulled out a baseball bat from his pants and hurried toward the first man, and viciously hit the 47-year-old on the back of the head.

The victim fell face-first onto the sidewalk and then rolled over on his back only to be confronted by the attacker again. This time it appeared to be a heated verbal assault with the suspect making threatening gestures, stomping his feet, and yelling at the man now writhing in pain on the Hamilton Heights area street.

Watch the frightening altercation for yourself:

The suspect was wearing a black hoodie with “Nike” emblazoned on the front. Police are asking for anyone with information about the suspect to submit tips to the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8447) or online at https://crimestoppers.nypdonline.org.

While the third man seen walking by talking on a cell phone turned around to see what the noise was, he quickly turned away from the unfolding crime and continued down the street.

The victim was transported to the hospital via ambulance due to the bruises and cuts he sustained from the attack.

Many blamed the twisted liberal politics that have their grip on The Big Apple for the attack.

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