Unsuspecting NYC man hit in the back of his head with a baseball bat – attack caught on video

New York City has become a hotbed for violent crime under soft-on-crime District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Tuesday morning was no exception when an unsuspecting man had his […]

Uber-hawk John Bolton says Trump’s ‘act is old and tired now,’ calls for ‘next generation’ of Republicans

On the heels of Former President Donald Trump’s official Nov. 2022 announcement that he is running for President of the United States for the third time, former […]

Dave Chappelle shares on SNL why Donald Trump is ‘so loved,’ reveals exact moment ‘a star was born’

Comedian Dave Chappelle wound up the Saturday Night Live crowd this week as he explained former President Donald Trump’s stardom being birthed out of his ability to […]

Here are the major networks that refused to air Biden’s ‘political’ prime-time speech

Corporate media distanced themselves from President Joe Biden on Thursday night with multiple networks refusing to air his prime-time speech where he tore into “MAGA Republicans” surrounded […]

Affluent Chicago residents taking matters into their own hands as crime rages out of control

CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store and WeThePeople.wine for gifts and awesome snarky swag! Chicago has become so overrun with crime that affluent citizens on the North Side of the […]