Unwise climate cult protesters storm field during Congressional Baseball Game, eat dirt INSTANTLY

Wednesday’s annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity was disrupted when a group of protesters stormed the field to make a political statement about the alleged climate doomsday.

The game which raises money for local charities pits members of the House and Senate against each other in an event that has been a cherished local tradition for over a century, with fans who turned out to watch the action at Nationals Stadium having their enjoyment briefly interrupted by the left-wing activists.

In the early stages of the contest, the group of protesters who were wearing white shirts reading “End Fossil Fuels” jumped the railing and bolted onto the playing field, carrying signs that said “Stop playing games with our future,” running around like fools until they were subdued.

(Video Credit: Washingtonian)

In the video of the interruption, police are seen tackling the troublemakers before they were hauled off and play resumed. Eight people were arrested.

The Washington, D.C.-based Climate Defiance took credit for the incident.

“We have taken the field at the Congressional Baseball Game + play has FROZEN! Congress sends billions of public $$ to subsidize deadly fossil fuels — but the police are tackling us instead. This Chevron-sponsored game cannot continue. This is unconscionable,” the group said in a post to X, sharing a video of the uninvited invasion of the field.

“Eight of us have been arrested for shutting down the Congressional Baseball Game,” Climate Defiance added in an update. “They are behind bars right now. Make no mistake: It’s the Members of Congress who should be locked up.”

There were also reportedly anti-Israel protesters who acted out.

(Video Credit: DC News Now)

“We are proud of our officers who are working to keep everyone safe during tonight’s Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. When eight people tried to protest on the field, our officers quickly stopped them and arrested them. The eight people are being charged with federal charges — Interference with a Member of the U.S. Capitol Police,” the U.S. Capitol Police wrote in a statement posted to X.

“We came of age in a time of great tumult. A global pandemic. A deadly assault on democracy. Mass shootings with our morning coffee,” Climate Defiance states on its website. “And hovering above it all, an existential crisis that threatens every fiber of every being in every corner of the world. We aim not to work within the current political reality. We aim to change it.”

“We will use mass-turnout, peaceful direct action to force our politicians to take action at the scope and speed necessary to avert the worst impacts of this crisis,” the group vowed.

The Climate Defiance brat pack previously accosted Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) when he appeared at a New Hampshire diner back in January, boasting that they chased him through the kitchen.

Congressional Republicans extended their recent dominance in the game with a resounding 31-11 spanking of their Democrat colleagues, the fourth year in a row that they’ve taken the contest.

The game has been a D.C. fixture since 1909, a “bipartisan event beloved by all and enjoyed by thousands,” according to the game’s official website.

Chris Donaldson


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