US Special Forces soldier kills illegal Chechen found photographing his NC property

Two suspected criminal aliens from Chechnya, one of them now dead, have been accused of spying on a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier.

The accusation stems from an incident that occurred in Carthage, North Carolina on the evening of May 3rd.

Carthage lies just about 30 minutes away from Fort Liberty, an Army base previously known as Fort Bragg.

According to Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields, on May 3rd a Special Operations soldier living in Carthage spotted a man photographing his property. When he confronted the man, the man became aggressive, prompting the soldier to open fire, killing him.

When the police arrived on scene, they found the deceased body of suspected Chechan criminal alien Ramzan Daraev, 35.

Sheriff Ronnie Fields provides an update to a May 3rd shooting death at a residence on Dowd Road in Carthage, North…

Posted by Moore County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

According to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, the authorities also found a second illegal immigrant from Chechnya, Dzhankutov Adsalan, in a vehicle nearby. After questioning him, they let him go.

Griffin further confirmed that a camera with a sophisticated telephoto lens was found on Daraev’s body.


It’s since been learned that Daraev allegedly worked as a subcontractor for Utilities One, a company based in New Jersey.

His family has claimed in a petition that he hadn’t been photographing the soldier’s home during the May 3rd incident but rather “photographing a report of [his] completed work.”

“Ramzan was not armed and did not show any aggression towards the killer,” the petition reads. “At the place, where reports of the completed work were taken by Ramzan, the inhabitant confronted him on the curbside, armed with a firearm and found him working, when he suddenly decided to take his life.

“For an unknown reason, this man fired several shots and brutally took the life of Ramzan, who was 35 years old and had big plans for his future life. Ramzan left Russia, not realizing that the greatest injustice against him would be done in a free country, where, in theory, he should have received protection,” it continues.

However, Sheriff Fields noted that “Daraev was not in possession of any utility equipment, utility clothing, or identification” at the time of his death.

Fox News meanwhile notes that both Daraev and Adsalan had “cell phones with Russian language contacts and camera equipment.”

These assorted facts have led many critics to conclude that Daraev and Adsalan may have been spying on the Special Operations soldier on behalf of a foreign government and that Utility One may have been in on it:

Spying incidents have become more and more common under the Biden administration.

“U.S. Special Operations soldiers around the country have experienced strange interactions in recent years that they say involve suspicious surveillance of them and their families,” according to Fox News. “Many believe that U.S. military bases have become an increasing target of foreign probes.”

Indeed, on the exact same day that the shooting happened in Carthage, two Jordanian nationals posing as Amazon delivery drivers tried to penetrate the Quantico Marino Corps base in nearby Virginia.

“The attempted breach was reportedly conducted by two Jordanian nationals alleged to be in the United States unlawfully,” according to a press release from the House Homeland Security Committee.

“Per some reporting, at least one of the individuals had entered illegally through the Southwest border. In addition, reports indicate one of the individuals was on the terrorist watch list.”

Vivek Saxena


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