NYT crack reporting finds Elon Musk exercises free speech rights to criticize Biden

The New York Times is taking issue with billionaire Elon Musk who has been exercising his right to free speech on the X platform by expressing opinions critical of President Joe Biden.

Musk, who bought Twitter in 2022 and has since rebranded it as X, rocketed to the top of the Democrat-controlled establishment’s hit list after he cleaned house and ended the censorship that had allowed the party to control the narrative, and the Times is furious that he’s using the platform to share his thoughts on the geriatric leader.

“Mr. Musk’s posts about this year’s presidential race stand out because he is signaling a willingness to tip the political scales as the owner of an influential social media platform, something that no other leader of a social media firm has done. And Mr. Musk exerts outsize influence over the political discourse on X, where he regularly posts to his 184 million followers,” the Times wrote in its screed titled “Elon Musk Ramps Up Anti-Biden Posts on X,” which was published on Friday.

“Mr. Musk has also repeatedly used X to vocally support right-wing politicians around the world, including Javier Milei, the president of Argentina; Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil; and Narendra Modi of India,” the paper wrote, suggesting that Musk’s posts are used to “lobby for advantages” for his businesses in other countries.

“Even though Mr. Musk has not endorsed Mr. Trump, he has had several conversations with the former president. In March, Mr. Musk and Republican donors met with Mr. Trump in Palm Beach, Fla., as the former president sought election donations,” the paper wrote, suggesting that Musk is solidly behind the former president although the Tesla/SpaceX CEO has not endorsed him.

In the eyes of the Times, Musk’s sin is that he isn’t as deferential to Biden and the destructive “woke” agenda as previous management was.

The paper’s hypocrisy-drenched “analysis” invited a serious flogging from Musk’s fellow X users.

Once a fierce defender of American principles like free speech, the “Gray Lady” has degenerated into a propaganda arm for the Democratic party, an integral component in the establishment’s ongoing war on former President Donald J. Trump.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter only hastens the demise of corrupt big media as more people turn to citizen journalism for their news and the Times is foot-stomping mad about their growing irrelevance with the public.

Chris Donaldson


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