Left-leaning Rolling Stone bemoans Trump’s ‘awful’ plan for cheaper gas

The once proudly anti-establishment Rolling Stone is now whining about the “awful” things that former President Donald J. Trump will do if he wins the election, including lowering prices at the pump.

As a part of a lengthy list of the left-wing rag’s grievances about a second Trump term, Rolling Stone bemoans the former president’s pledge to bring an abrupt end to Joe Biden’s Green New Deal policies and to once again allow domestic energy production, especially drilling for oil.

“He will roll back all of Biden’s climate progress and reinvest in fossil fuels,” the outlet states. “The United States set a record for oil output during Biden’s first term in office, but Trump wants to do even more damage to the environment. He’s made clear he’s going to “drill, baby, drill” on his first day in office, and that he will roll back clean-energy initiatives, including those included in the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Rolling Stone cites the Washington Post’s reporting that “Trump told oil executives in Houston that he would immediately approve their projects and expand drilling,” and that he “is also expected to once again pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, the international agreement to work to hold the global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius.”

Trump would be wise to immediately put the climate doomsday cult out of business, or at least out of having any influence on United States energy policy.

Whining about cheaper gas in a time of raging inflation on everything else thanks to “Bidenomics” drew a brutal reaction from users on X, formerly Twitter.

What else is the establishment lapdog whining about if Trump returns to the White House?

“He will indict Biden and his other political enemies,” nothing could do more to restore faith in a judicial system that has been thoroughly corrupted by Democrats.

“He will round up, intern, and deport undocumented immigrants,” this is already a major selling point with millions of voters who want the illegal aliens gone, yesterday.

“He will ban abortion nationwide,” on the scale of big Democrat lies, this is right up there. And Trump has already denied that he plans any such action. But Rolling Stone is just preaching to the choir of suckers.

“He will bring back the death penalty in a big way,” noting could more alarming for the pro-criminal party of George Floyd.

“He will torch the First Amendment by going after non-MAGA media,” funny how only now when it looks like they’re going to lose power that the left develops an appreciation for the Constitution.

“He will pardon the Jan. 6 rioters,” the very first step in America retaining the moral high ground that it has occupied since before January 20, 2021 is releasing all political prisoners.

“He will reevaluate America’s participation in NATO,” because to a rag specializing in music and culture, it is of the utmost of importance that the “entangling” foreign alliances that George Washington warned about be kept in place forever.

“He will legally delegitimize trans Americans,” although many would argue that what used to be widely accepted as mental illness never should have been legitimized in the first place.

Then there’s just a couple of silly and outlandish things like “He will construct ‘freedom cities’ filled with flying cars” and “He will invade Mexico” that are so breathtakingly dumb that only a Rolling Stone reader would believe them.

All in all though, those “awful” things that the regime-friendly outlet is complaining about are pretty convincing reasons to vote for Trump in November.

Chris Donaldson


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