Video captures shocking moment murder suspect bolts from Oregon courthouse

Only in Oregon?

The shocking moment a murder suspect bolted from a Washington County courtroom was caught on camera, with the man managing to elude deputies for two hours before eventually being taken back into custody.

Edi Villalobos Jr., 28, is on trial for second-degree murder “for allegedly stabbing his mother’s partner before knifing an unrelated man just two hours later and leading police on a pursuit that lasted hours back in 2021,” the Daily Mail reported.

While in court, a deputy is seen on video unshackling Villalobos, which is required by law. The hapless deputy leaves the murder suspect a clear path to the rear door of the courtroom and Villalobos didn’t waste much time taking advantage of the opportunity, running for the exit and then bolting down a hallway.

A frantic two-hour search ensued in downtown Hillsboro before the suspect was captured after a report that a man was trying to break into an apartment. Villalobos will face additional charges for his attempt to flee.

The security footage showed Villalobos being escorted by two sheriff’s deputies. He was wearing both ankle restraints and handcuffs, both of which are removed. The deputies, a male and female, opted to stand off to the side, with nothing or no one between Villalobos and the exit.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department later said in a statement that they are required by law to remove all restraints.

“Those were removed because of Oregon law,” Washington County Sheriff’s Communications Sergeant Danny DiPietro said. “When someone’s in a trial, and any of the proceedings that goes along with it, including jury selection, Oregon law requires us to remove those restraints, and we did that, obviously.”

The full video of the escape can be seen here:

Tom Tillison


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