Unprepared reporter asks DeSantis about ‘anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-women agenda’ – and oh, boy!

When a reporter disingenuously emailed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ team following a rally asking them to comment on his alleged book bannings, Press Secretary Bryan Griffin clapped back with great news for the left, “There are no books banned in Florida.”

“My name is Ashley and I’m a reporter for Channel 9 in Orlando. I’m covering a rally tonight in the city, where people will gather to discuss books banned in Florida. They are specifically saying this is part of Governor DeSantis’ anti-black, anti-immigrant, and anti-women agenda. Does your office have a comment?” the reporter asked, and boy did she get an answer.

“Great news for them: there are no books banned in Florida. Any adult can buy any publication they want. Since these individuals now have a free evening, perhaps you might encourage them to watch today’s press conference hosted by our office. We debunk the ‘book ban’ hoax and redouble our commitment to the commonsense positions that pornography should be prohibited in schools and CRT should not be utilized as educational material,” Griffin answered.

He would later go on to tweet out the exchange, “The media has done an enormous disservice to people by lying about Florida’s educational standards and curriculum transparency efforts. This is the result.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

This query by the reporter comes after DeSantis took issue with young kids being exposed to sexually explicit material with the evident knowledge and blessing from school administrators who appear to have no regard for parents’ wishes or children’s welfare.

He began a press conference on Wednesday by playing a shocking video that showed sexually explicit content from books found in 23 school districts in Florida. The video caused a number of media outlets to cut away from the event branded “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax” because of the graphic content shown.

The books featured in the five-minute-long video included depictions of minors engaging in sexual activity so graphic that Twitter briefly slapped a sensitive content label on clips.

“We believe in the rights of parents to be involved in the education of their children and therefore have enacted curriculum transparency legislation, so that the parents know what books are being used in the classroom, what books do their kids have access to, and then they have procedures where they can say, ‘Wait a minute’ – you know, some of the stuff you saw up there – ‘that is pornographic,” the governor stated. “Why would we have that in a media center with 10-year-old students? It’s just wrong.”

(Video Credit: FOX 35 Orlando)

“I just think parents when they’re sending their kids to school, they should not have to worry about this garbage being in the school,” DeSantis continued. “They should just know that you’re going to get a good education.”

“They [parents] don’t want the garbage, and the idea that that’s even in there is inappropriate for these young kids, but they are using your tax dollars to put that in,” he added. “How is that an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars? To put that in?”

DeSantis’ office also released some examples of the disturbing material that emanates from the many twisted books on shelves in Florida public school libraries.


Griffin was cheered for his perfect response to the reporter:


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