Video of shoppers fighting over discounted food in front of kids sparks firestorm

Shoppers at a Tesco supermarket in England were caught on camera fighting, in front of children, over discounted food items.

Video of the chaos was posted to TikTok and quickly racked up views. Those watching can see people yelling, shoving, and pushing an employee stocking the shelves out of the way.


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Comments on the video range from sympathetic to outraged.

“Tesco shouldn’t allow this with staff, if people can’t be calm they should remove from the store,” noted one woman.

“That poor worker, she doesn’t get paid enough,” said another commenter.

“The fact that the old man nearly dropped because they where being selfish is horrific not one person made sure he was okay they all laughed,” penned an outraged viewer.

“This makes my blood boil. My mum used to go at a certain time to look at the reduced section for my nan, but avoids it totally now,” explained “Dannielle” in a comment.

“Omg I work in Tesco and they’re like vultures!”

“I was pregnant and I had to go to the reduced section one week because I had nothing some lady punched me in the stomach so I would move my bump,” wrote user “Hollie.”

Over on Twitter, commenters had very little sympathy for the aggressive shoppers:

Sierra Marlee


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