Viewers stunned as CNN takes down Fauci, COVID king unmasked as a ‘fraud’ and a ‘liar’

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci was unable to defend his position on masking when confronted with a study showing that there is insufficient evidence that face masks actually work when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID, and he was roasted as a “fraud” and a “liar” on social media.

In a weekend appearance on CNN the retired immunologist, who still retains a constant media presence, joined host Michael Smerconish to discuss the renewed push for lockdowns and mask mandates among rising cases and the likelihood that there will be much more resistance the second time around.

During the conversation with the man who was arguably the most powerful bureaucrat in U.S. history during the pandemic, Smerconish referred to a study by Tom Jefferson, a University of Oxford epidemiologist that concludes there is “just no evidence” that masks “make any difference,” leaving the slippery Fauci without a good answer to back up his previous advocacy for forced masking.

(Video: CNN)

“How do we get beyond that finding of that particular review?” Smerconish asked.

“But there are other studies Michael that show at an individual level, for individual,” Fauci responded, not giving specifics on the studies he was referring to. “When you’re talking about the effect on the epidemic or the pandemic as a whole, the data are less strong.”

“But when you talk about an individual basis of someone protecting themselves or protecting themselves from spreading it to others, there’s no doubt that there are many studies that show that there is an advantage,” he said.

“What about the studies that initially persuaded policymakers to impose mask mandates?” Jefferson was asked about his study.

“They were convinced by nonrandomized studies, flawed observational studies,” he had responded.

Fauci did not answer whether the “other” studies he referenced were the “flawed” ones.

Fauci’s fumbling non-answer was greeted with a thorough roasting by X users who called out the elfin 82-year-old as a “fraud” and a “liar”

“Fauci confronted with most definitive data analysis possible that masks make ZERO difference against Covid. Not a little, not slight- Zero. And he just mutters some numerical illiteracy bullshit about ‘individual protection. ‘He’s a fraud and a liar,” wrote conservative talk radio host Buck Sexton.

“Fauci admits that masks don’t work for the public at large but still absurdly claims masks work on an individual basis. More subterfuge,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who has been on to Fauci’s scam for years.

“Holy sh*t @cnn just directly confronted Dr. Fauci on air with bullet proof scientific evidence that masks don’t work at all. It only took three years, but finally!” added Outkick founder Clay Travis, Sexton’s co-host on their nationally syndicated radio show.

Other reactions to Fauci’s being unmasked as a dishonest B.S. artist on CNN:

Left-wingers may be clamoring to see the return of masks and other authoritarian measures of the medical dictatorship but it isn’t going to be so easy for the so-called “experts” to bamboozle the public again, especially now that Fauci has been discredited.

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