Vogue editor scrubs job title from Instagram after blasting Israel, calling IDF a ‘terrorist org’

Vogue contributing editor-at-large Gabriella Karefa-Johnson posted a vicious Instagram rant attacking Israel before quietly wiping the mention of her job title with the Anna Wintour-run magazine.

Karefa-Johnson, the first black woman to style a Vogue cover, responded to Israel defending itself after being savagely attacked last week by Palestinian terrorists from Hamas by saying the “apartheid state” was committing “genocide.” Ironically, she also compared the Israeli Defense Forces to a “terrorist organization.”

The rant was chock full of all the code words popular on the antisemitic left, from colonization to the oppressed — the hatred of Jews has come out in the open following last week’s attack on Israel that saw over 1,300 civilians killed.

Karefa-Johnson wrote on her Instagram Stories last Sunday: “It’s so disappointing to see the utter lack of understanding of the basic tenets and tactics of colonization, and one’s willingness to justify and defend those systems which have only ever oppressed. Damn. I hate when Instagram shows me what I hope I never know about the people I follow and their horrifying belief systems.”

“I cannot believe that the world is watching in silence as a GENOCIDE — a mass Palestinian extinction plan — is happening before our very eyes,” she said. “I cannot believe that so many have sanctioned the ethnic cleanse of the Palestinian population,”

“These are WAR CRIMES,” Karefa-Johnson would add, hitting on all the pro-Hamas propaganda points that have little to do with the facts on the ground.


Vogue distanced itself and its parent company, Condé Nast, from Karefa-Johnson’s views, the New York Post reported.

“Gabriella’s social media posts and opinions are her own and do not represent those of the company,” a representative told the newspaper.

Citing a source close to the situation, the Post said Karefa-Johnson is not a full-time employee at Vogue and reported that “the stylist was not instructed by anyone at Condé Nast to scrub her editor title from her Instagram profile.”

The profile said she was the global contributing editor-at-large for Vogue up until Tuesday and now simply states, “Many things.”

In a bitter exchange with former French Vogue stylist Celia Azoulay, who called on Karefa-Johnson to “show the same compassion with Israeli civilians getting murdered,” the Vogue editor declared, “IDF is a torture agency sponsored by the Israeli apartheid state.”

“You are ignorant and can’t even have a constructive conversation,” Azoulay wrote, after realizing what she was up against.

Perhaps, proving Azoulay correct in her assessment Karefa-Johnson shared their exchange on Instagram in the apparent belief that this made her look good:

Tom Tillison


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