‘We can handle the truth’: Vivek Ramaswamy tells Tucker Carlson America is facing ‘a 1776 moment’

Tucker Carlson called Vivek Ramaswamy “one of the best-versed voices in policy we’ve talked to in a long time” after sitting down with the youngest Republican presidential candidate in American history for the better part of an hour.

In Episode 17 of “Tucker on Twitter,” the nation’s first Millenial to make a run for the White House warned viewers that America is facing a “1776 moment.”

It is comments like this that may explain Ramaswamy’s current rise in the polls. For many, the political outsider is saying what average Americans are thinking. While embattled former President Donald Trump is trading barbs with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Ramaswamy is quietly rising above the noise and steadily gaining ground.

With Carlson, Ramaswamy focused on the need for “the truth” about everything from 9/11, to the Russia-Ukraine war, and from Hunter Biden’s laptop, to the flailing economy, the origin of COVID-19, and the Nashville shooter.

He speaks to the heart of every issue, with an impressive grasp of each of them and an understanding of how they impact the people of the country he hopes to lead. And the theme that runs through the heart of his message is “the truth.”

“I think there’s a bipartisan consensus in this country right now that We The People, we can’t handle the truth,” Ramaswamy said. “It’s like Jack Nicholson at the end of the movie, right? ‘You can’t handle the truth, you need me on that wall.’ My view, my basic view in this campaign is no, we don’t need you on that wall, and yes, we can handle the truth.”

Ramaswamy is committed to the truth, even if it costs him the election.

“Personally, I think the way I’m running this campaign is I’m not thinking about what is helping me or not before I say it, so far that seems to be helping me. But even if I were, I would rather lose an election than play some political snakes-and-ladders of what we’re supposed to say,” he said. “That’s really one of the questions at issue today, as it was in 1776. Do we believe that the public can be trusted with the truth?”

“Whatever the truth is,” Ramaswamy said, “give me the hard truth.”

“What makes us human beings and not animals is that we can believe in something bigger than ourselves and that we can handle the truth from those who are in power,” he continued. “I think we now live in a moment where the government and the broader establishment in our country believe that citizens of this nation can not be trusted with the truth.”

The candidate noted that “we had this weird departure in 1776 that said, ‘No, no, no. Actually, We The People can be trusted in a system where every person’s vote counts equally, with free speech and open debate in the public square, whatever it is. Sometimes we might get it wrong, sometimes we get it right, but whatever it is, that’s the way we do things in this new thing we call the United States of America.'”

He went on to note that “every once in a while — and we’re in one of those moments — that ugly monster rears its head again that says, ‘No, no. The people can’t be trusted.”

Those “enlightened” people “in the back of three-letter government agencies in Washington D.C. or in the back of BlackRock’s corner office on Park Avenue in Manhattan… have to make sure that the public is protected from the truth,” Ramaswamy said. They act on “what they think of as being the instinct of a parent who’s doing for you what’s better for you than you know for yourself.”

Still, Ramaswamy says he tries to be “an optimist.”

“There’s something going on,” he said. “We’re like in a 1775, spring of 1776 moment in this country,” he said. “I think that people are hungry.”

“Now the form I want to see it play out in is reviving those shared ideals that unite us, that set the nation into motion in 1776, that I think are innate to our nature as human beings, as Americans.”



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