‘We Love You, But It’s Time’: Supporters greet Biden motorcade with ‘exit’ signs

A presidential stop in a Democratic stronghold saw Biden’s motorcade met with a wholly different kind of exit sign.


Days after President Joe Biden dared the debate stage with former President Donald Trump, his campaign and devoted surrogates have remained on defense as even corporate media allies admitted the performance was a disaster.

Adding insult to the self-inflicted injury Saturday, while “Lunch Bucket Joe” once again rubbed elbows with elitists and celebrities on Long Island — in between bouts of groveling for continued support — a smattering of Hamptonites greeted the president with their own begging for farewells.

PLEASE DROP OUT FOR U.S.,” read one sign as another expressed, “THANK YOU! NEXT…”

Still, another member of the group spotted on the side of the road held a message imploring, “Step down for DEMOCRACY!”

“WE LOVE YOU BUT IT’S TIME,” insisted one of those gathered in an image shared by Bloomberg News senior White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs.

While deranged diehards who refused to believe their lying eyes after an hour-and-a-half of geriatric gobbledygook from Biden attempted to dismiss the messages as representative of an insignificant subset of Democratic voters, another sign was not so readily ignored.

In fact, it even caught the eye of Trump who shared an image of a flight, reportedly journeying along the coast from Montauk to Sag Harbor according to the New York Post, with a banner in tow that read, “BI-DONE!”

“Spotted flying over East Hampton this evening…” the GOP leader captioned the pictured plane.

East Hampton was where Biden traveled Saturday during a series of planned campaign stops where he had to assure high-dollar donors that had already cut their considerable checks that everything was going to be okay come November.

“We have no choice but to believe Biden will redeem himself,” one source had told the New York Post. “The alternative is so unthinkable. I’m going and everyone I know is still going.”

Another told the newspaper, “I wanted to go see the train wreck. I’d rather choose someone from a phone book than have Biden,” as the likes of Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael J. Fox gathered at the home of billionaire Barry Rosenstein and his wife Lizanne.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that the president also held a “campaign meeting with his campaign co-chair” Saturday as his team denounced claims that his planned family gathering at Camp David would include a discussion on the future of his campaign.

A White House official had criticized a report from NBC News on the matter and claimed the “premise of the story is not accurate,” while the campaign insisted, “Yeah, no. This was announced a week ago. Joe Biden is and will be the Democratic nominee.”

Kevin Haggerty


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