Biden trip to Camp David to include family discussion on ‘future of his reelection campaign’: report

A pre-planned family trip was reported to have a new agenda for the Biden’s as the “future of his re-election campaign” was expected to be the focus amid damage control efforts for the president.

Stretching beyond Capitol Hill, K Street and the halls of corporate media outlets and think tanks, President Joe Biden’s debate performance had many average Americans, even those who typical shy away from politics, buzzing about what would come of the incumbent’s candidacy.

Now, according to a report from NBC News, it would appear that may be decided during an informal discussion at Camp David as the president, first lady Jill Biden and their children and grandchildren were expected to assemble at the retreat.

“President Joe Biden is expected to discuss the future of his re-election campaign with family at Camp David on Sunday, following a nationally televised debate Thursday that left many fellow Democrats worried about his ability to beat former President Donald Trump in November, according to five people familiar with the matter,” the outlet detailed.

The report was readily denied by the White House and the campaign with an official having communicated to the press on the tarmac of McGuire Air Force Base that the “premise of the story is not accurate” and the planned gathering was about “taking a family photo at Camp David.”

Likewise, the campaign reacted to a social media post from NBC News Senior Executive Editor Tom Namako about the report with an image of guidance on the president’s travel plans dated June 23 and the caption, “Yeah, no. This was announced a week ago. Joe Biden is and will be the Democratic nominee.”

There’s wasn’t the only conflicting messaging as the NBC News report had also indicated that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (NY), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) and 2020 presidential primary influencer Rep. Jim Clyburn (SC) were each publicly showing support but had “privately expressed concerns about his viability.”

Ian Krager, a spokesman for the former speaker had told the outlet, “Speaker Pelosi has full confidence in President Biden and looks forward to attending his inauguration on January 20, 2025.”

“Any suggestion that she has engaged in a different course of action is simply not true,” he added while Jeffries’ spokeswoman Christie Stephenson had said the leader “repeatedly made clear publicly and privately that he supports President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket from top to bottom.”

Additionally, Clyburn, who’d rallied support for Biden ahead of his home state’s primary in 2020, shifting momentum that led to his nomination and victory, was said to have “total confidence in President Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris ticket,” by Brianna Frias.

She added to NBC News, “Any reports alleging that the Congressman has expressed anything other than firm support of President Biden are completely untrue.”

Meanwhile, as The New York Times editorial board and others called for Biden to step aside after the “f*cking disaster” on stage Thursday in Atlanta, the outlet indicated that Democratic Party leaders and string-pullers wouldn’t be responsible for the decision on how the president will proceed.

“At the same time, there is an understanding among top Democrats that Biden should be given space to determine next steps. They believe only the president, in consultation with his family, can decide whether to move forward or to end his campaign early — and that he won’t respond well to being pushed,” stated NBC News.

One source expressed, “The decision-makers are two people — it’s the president and his wife.”

“Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply personal and familial this decision will be isn’t knowledgeable about the situation,” they added.

As to how the resident-in-chief was feeling after offering up a well of material for former President Donald Trump’s campaign to source highlights from for ads, like the minute-and-a-half montage dropped after the debate, he was said to be “humiliated, devoid of confidence and painfully aware that the physical images of him at the debate — eyes staring into the distance, mouth agape — will live beyond his presidency…”

This didn’t stop Biden campaign chair Jen O’Malley from continuing to gaslight the public over what the world witnessed as she contended any polling dips for the president would be the fault of corporate media. “If we do see changes in polling in the coming weeks, it will not be the first time that overblown media narratives have driven temporary dips in the polls.”

Kevin Haggerty


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