‘Welcome to my world, AOC’: Watters explains why the ‘live wire’ Rep is a ‘big problem’ for Democrats

Fox News host Jesse Watters said far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a valid point about America’s institutions, but that this point puts her in a “very dangerous place” vis-a-vis her colleagues in the Democrat Party.

“AOC is right. … Questioning the institutions in D.C. is dangerous. That’s why we’re not allowed to ask about Jan. 6th, the FBI’s role in the collusion hoax, the State Department covering up Benghazi, the Wuhan lab. Welcome to my world, AOC. Dip your toe in — the water’s warm,” he said Thursday on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“Next thing you know, the congresswoman is going to start asking about the laptop from hell. So AOC is a live wire and a big problem for the Democrats. She’s calling the  Jan. 6th committee a sham, saying her side of the aisle is covering up the truth about what happened that day. And that’s a very dangerous place for AOC to be. The Democrat Party doesn’t tolerate dissent, and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff will be out for revenge.”

He offered the assessment during a lengthy monologue concerning the bombshell remarks Ocasio-Cortez made earlier this week about the Jan. 6th riot.

As previously reported, after she was cat-called on Wednesday right in front of a Capitol police officer, she complained about the officer doing nothing.

In complaining about the police, she suggested that Capitol police officers were in on the Jan. 6th riot, that the Jan. 6th commission hasn’t been doing such a great job thus far, and that the commission needs to get its act together and investigate the cops.

“I really just can’t help but think about all of that footage and evidence that we saw that day of all these Capitol police officers helping and being sympathetic to the insurrectionists on Jan. 6th. And everyone just decided it was too politically difficult to deal with, so they all just brushed it under the rug,” she said.

“And to this day, there has never been an investigation into that. Never. So as a result, we have no idea which officers are safe to be around. We have no idea if any of those officers and the ones holding massive weapons were with that crowd or if they weren’t. But if you raise questions about that or if you don’t feel safe, it’s construed as you attacking the entire institution of public safety.”

Watters was mildly surprised by her remarks, as well as the fact that the remarks have been allowed to go viral on social media.

“AOC is suggesting that Jan 6th might have been an inside job. How come Twitter hasn’t banned that? She’s getting into some very dangerous territory here. Where’s the disinformation czar when you need her, Mary Poppins?” Watters said.

“Did the squad just suggest that the Capitol police were in on the Jan. 6th riot and opened the doors? I thought you weren’t allowed to say that. I thought that makes you a conspiracy theorist. Nancy is not going to be happy about this,” he continued.

He noted, though, that Ocasio-Cortez’s sudden attack on the Capitol police wasn’t “totally unexpected.”

“Last year, AOC even refused to vote to fund the Capitol police. She voted present instead. Very Obama-esqe,” he said.

Continuing his assessment, the Fox News host then slammed the congresswoman for complaining about being cat-called.

“It is clear the [harasser] was not a good guy, but what does she want the police officer to do? What is clear is that AOC had no problem when left-wing protesters chased [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh out of a restaurant last week,” he said.

Indeed she didn’t:

“And last month when that psycho showed up outside his house to assassinate him, she didn’t really say much. Instead, she voted against the bill that would have given all the justices extra security. She didn’t even vote present on that one,” Watters continued.

“And remember when Rand Paul got roughed up by a mob of Biden voters outside the White House in 2020? What did AOC say about that? Couldn’t find anything. To AOC, those aren’t crimes, and the police’s only job is to protect Democrats from Republicans.”

His guest, former Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, concurred and added that Ocasio-Cortez would never survive a day in the shoes of her political enemies.

“This whole episode is perfectly emblematic of the left. The left is incredibly vicious when attacking anybody that disagrees with them or stands in their way in any way. But when they are confronted with any kind of, even mild affront like this, they immediately retreat into victimhood, right? So, I’m not saying this guy should’ve been doing this. He should not have been doing this,” she said.

“But she immediately takes to social media and she begins whining about the fact that he was cat-calling her and the Capitol Police didn’t do their job and so on. It is a cult of victimhood that the left just languishes in and luxuriates in,” she added. “And you know, I’ve gotta say, if she was offended by this particular incident, Jesse, she and the left could not survive five minutes of what Donald Trump or Clarence Thomas, or anybody on the right goes through all day, every day for years.”


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