WH reporters blame ‘right-wing buzz’ for ignoring Biden’s mental decline: Report

Some members of the White House Press Corps are voicing regret for not pushing the issue of President Joe Biden’s cognitive issues, due to conservative interest in the matter.

What should have been a bipartisan issue of concern ended up with party-line divisions, and now CNN is reporting that some members of the press sought to avoid the issue to keep from feeding the “right-wing talking point” that Biden isn’t fit for the presidency.

“The media has faced accusations that it has not covered Biden’s mental fitness more aggressively because it wants to prop up the campaign in some way – an accusation the White House reporters CNN spoke to denied,” the report read. “Several White House reporters told CNN that the coverage of Biden’s age and his mental stamina should have pushed harder. They cited several difficulties in doing so before the debate – from the obvious political motivations of sources who either want to protect Biden’s image or project a certain image, to the blowback from pursuing such reports, especially from the White House and Democrats.”

One reporter alleged that reporters failed to pursue any questioning of the president’s abilities following Robert Hur’s devastating report referring to Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

“Biden’s age was also a right-wing talking point for years, something the White House was quick to point out to reporters, which may have inadvertently turned off any serious investigation,” read the article.

Fear of proving conservative media correct apparently outweighed any desire to protect democracy or the office of the presidency.

“The right-wing media was calling him senile from day one, and that wasn’t true,” one reporter, who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity, admitted. “Then whenever you report on the age you were in some ways solidifying, giving credence to some people that were actually of bad faith.”

Efforts by the White House to protect Biden from scrutiny were also in full swing, making it difficult to distinguish spin from fact for many reporters.

“‘They keep him at arm’s length, and he rarely does extended interviews,’ the reporter said of the White House, although he acknowledged Biden has started giving more interviews as of late,” says the article.

Another reporter admitted that the White House has been “fairly successful” in “mitigating coverage of concerns over the president’s age.”

“[B]erating reporters who bring them reporting about age concerns, bemoaning that it’s all anyone writes about (clearly, it’s not) and often attacking pieces after they run,” they revealed. “I think that’s left some folks to conclude that these stories are too painful to report or that they should pick their spots more. It’s clear the age stories that have angered the White House (and the liberal Twittersphere) the most.”

Axios White House reporter Alex Thompson accused the regime of “gaslighting” anyone with concerns over Biden’s age or cognitive ability.

“[T]he White House’s response every single time it has come up for three-and-a-half years has been to deflect, to gaslight, to not tell the truth – not just to reporters, not just to other Democrats, but even at times to themselves about the president’s limitations at his age,” he claimed.

CNN couldn’t help but get a jab in at former President Donald Trump, who had an adversarial relationship with the media during his term.

“Still, this White House’s recent conduct with reporters pales in comparison to Trump’s team, which has done everything from revoking press access to reporters they disagree with, to calling reporters the ‘enemy of the people.'”

Sierra Marlee


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