‘White Men Can Trump’: SNL spoofs on Trump’s $400 Golden Sneakers – throws in jab at Biden

A fired comedian’s return to “Saturday Night Live” packed on the TDS with “another magical sneaker movie for white people.”

Little more than a week after former President Donald Trump unveiled his $400 limited edition “Never Surrender” golden high-tops at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con, NBC’s “SNL” strained a pop culture parody with a spoof spot for “White Men Can Trump.”

Featuring guest host Shane Gillis, dropped from the program in 2019 after past jokes about Chinatown had surfaced, the trailer for the film from “Newsmax Studios” showed character Gordon Dwyer failing at work, in relationships and while playing basketball until a special delivery from Trump changed his game.

“They give me the power to say I’m good at basketball, then double down on that until people actually start to believe it,” he explained to a friend after a scene with Trump’s signature hairstyle included players accepting that a missed shot had gone in the net.

The power of persuasion extended to the workplace, where Dwyer convinced his boss to surrender the man’s office, and then to the bedroom where he told a woman, “That was the most fantastic love-making you’ve ever had.”

When she refuted, “Not really. It only lasted-” Dwyer interrupted, “Two hours! That was a two-hour love sesh.”

After telling a scale over 250 pounds he was 170, a dig at the president’s Fulton County, Georgia booking record, the actor was seen in a full suit with a red tie dribbling on the court as James Austin Johnson who portrays Trump regularly joined Dwyer in the scene.

“Nice shoes,” said the cast member entering the court. “But you know, in many ways, “the real magic has been inside of you all along.”

“Wrong. It comes from the shoes and you’re coming off as very stupid and frankly quite rude walking in here like this,” replied Gillis’ character as Johnson expressed, “My work here is done.”

Saturday’s program, which also included a cold open of Republican senators as spineless victims of Trump laughing off claims of abuse while fully endorsing his candidacy, was the comedian’s return after five years when he’d also promptly drawn the ire of the then-president’s supporters.

Days after his past remarks got him booted from SNL, Gillis joked at a show how, “Of all the presidents I’ve been alive for, Trump would definitely be the funniest one to see get shot. Like, without a doubt, that’d be funny. I’m not asking for that; I don’t want that to happen, but it would be funny to see.”

The rarely mocked Biden, who remained a laughingstock abroad, was a parting joke for any who stuck around long enough to watch the whole segment as velcro-strapped “Air Bidens” were pitched by a character in a tracksuit and aviator sunglasses who immediately fell over after his first attempt to dribble the basketball.

Kevin Haggerty


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