Who leaked the names and addresses of Trump grand jurors?

The names, photographs, social media accounts, and home addresses of the grand jury that just indicted former President Donald Trump are reportedly being bandied about online and leading to threats against the jurors.

In a social media statement published on Thursday, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office revealed that it’s “aware that personal information of members of the Fulton County Grand Jury is being shared on various platforms.”

“As the lead agency, our investigators are working closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to track down the origin of threats in Fulton County and other jurisdictions,” the statement continues.

A law enforcement source with knowledge of the situation likewise told CNN that the grand jurors are being outright “doxxed.”

“We are in a situation where people are being threatened to be killed for doing their civic duty. It is an unfortunate reality that, as part of Georgia law, their names are made public, but that’s what we’re dealing with,” the source said.

Now to be clear, the grand jurors’ names weren’t “leaked,” as they were already publicly available. Everything else (addresses, photos, etc.) was leaked.

“Unlike the federal system, when someone is indicted in Fulton County, the indictment includes the names of all the grand jurors who served on the 26-member panel that handed up the charges,” CNN explains.

“However, the indictment, which is a public record that’s available on the court website, does not include their addresses or any other personally identifiable information,” according to CNN.

The grand jurors’ private information has reportedly especially been prominent on Trump’s Truth Social.

“The former president’s followers [on Truth Social] were quick to comfort him, push conspiracies and call for retaliation after a Fulton County grand jury indicted him Monday on 13 counts including racketeering, filing false documents and attempting to coerce public officers to violate their oaths,” The Independent has confirmed.

Many of the users launched direct attacks on the grand jurors – going so far as to share their names and details about their purported social media profiles,” as reported by The Independent.

Democrats and their media allies have predictably seized on these reports and used them to smear all Republicans/conservatives and their websites:

“Many of the platforms where these discussions are taking place have a long history of being linked to violent extremism, including a slate of mass shootings and politically-motivated acts of violence like the Capitol insurrection,” Ben Decker, the CEO of Memetica, a threat intelligence company, told CNN on Wednesday.

However, neither party (Dems nor the media) has room to talk. Recall that during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was eventually acquitted, a man working for MSNBC was caught by the police following the grand jury’s transport van.

While it’s true the freelancer, James J. Morrison, was eventually let go with nothing more than some traffic tickets, even the Kenosha Police Department remained heavily suspicious of his motives.

“Police suspect this person was trying to photograph jurors. This incident is being investigated much further,” the department announced on Twitter at the time.

It’s also the left that threatened the Supreme Court’s more conservative justices after the high court overturned Roe v. Wade in June of 2022.

Recall that an armed man who was intent on killing Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested outside his home at the time and charged with “attempts to kidnap or murder, or threatens to assault, kidnap or murder” the justice.

“The man, identified in the documents as Nicholas John Roske, called Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center and told the call taker ‘he was having suicidal thoughts and had a firearm in his suitcase,’ the document said. He also told the call taker ‘he came from California to kill a specific United States Supreme Court justice,'” as reported by NPR.

The point in noting all this is to demonstrate that, despite the current narrative being pushed by the vehemently anti-Trump Democrats and their media allies, the violent, unhinged crazies exist in both parties.

Vivek Saxena


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