WHO planning for potential ‘Disease X’ pandemic 20 times deadlier than COVID-19

The global elites have gathered in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum, and, on Wednesday, they were discussing “Disease X,” a virus that doesn’t exist yet, but “scientists” are sure it’s going to be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.

“It was added to the WHO’s short list of pathogens for research in 2017 that could cause a ‘serious international epidemic,’ according to a 2022 WHO press release,” Fox News Digital reports.

Fear not, though, because World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus has a plan, and he is urging the nations of the world to get on board to defeat humanity’s “common enemy.”

“There are things that are unknown that may happen, and anything happening is a matter of when, not if, so we need to have a placeholder for that, for the diseases we don’t know,” Ghebreyesus told a riveted audience. “We lost many people [during COVID] because we couldn’t manage them. They could have been saved, but there was no space. There was not enough oxygen. So how can you have a system that can expand when the need comes?”

Much has been made of the proposed WHO pandemic treaty, and the May deadline for countries to sign their citizens up for it is fast approaching.

As BizPac Review has reported, evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein said the treaty amounts to a global “coup.”

“It’s almost impossible to exaggerate how troubling what is being discussed is,” Weinstein recently told Tucker Carlson. “In fact, I think it is fair to say that we are in the middle of a coup. We are actually facing the elimination of our national and our personal sovereignty.”

The treaty would “end the First Amendment in the United States,” he stated.

If the treaty isn’t stopped, he warned, “then come May of this year, your nation is almost certain to sign on to an agreement that in some utterly, vaguely described future circumstance, a public health emergency which the director-general of the World Health Organization has total liberty to define in any way that he sees fit.”

“In other words, nothing prevents climate change from being declared a public health emergency that would trigger the provisions of these modifications,” Weinstein explained. “And in the case that some emergency or some pretense of an emergency shows up, the provisions that would kick in are beyond jaw-dropping.”

“Any basis that having declared one, they will be entitled to mandate remedies,” he continued. “Remedies that are named include vaccines. Gene therapy technology is literally named in the set of things that the World Health Organization is going to reserve the right to mandate.”

WHO “will be in a position to require these things of citizens,” he said. “It will be in a position to dictate our ability to travel — in other words, passports that would be predicated on one having accepted these technologies are clearly being described.”

People’s ability to choose their treatments would also disappear.

“It would have the ability to forbid the use of other medications,” Weinstein revealed. “So this looks like they’re preparing for a rerun where they can just simply take ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine off the table.”

According to Ghebreyesus, “The pandemic agreement can bring all the experience, all the challenges that we have faced and all the solutions into one.”

“That agreement can help us to prepare for the future in a better way,” he promised. “This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come into the way.”

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With a global treaty in place, an early-warning system could be activated, supply chains could be organized, and, of course, the research and development of brand-new drugs would be advanced.

“Primary health care would need to be looked at, too, given that wealthy countries did not fare well during COVID, since they struggled with basics like contact tracing,” Fox News Digital reports.

“It’s better to anticipate something that may happen because it has happened in our history many times, and prepare for it,”  Ghebreyesus said. “We should not face things unprepared; we can prepare for some unknown things, as well.”

According to Weinstein, Ghebreyesus is a liar.

“The COVID pandemic caused us to become aware of a lot of structures that had been built around us, something that former NSA officer William Binney once described as ‘the turnkey totalitarian state,'” he told Carlson. “The totalitarian state is erected around you. But it’s not activated. And then once it’s built, the key gets turned.”

“And so we are now seeing, I believe, something that even outstrips William Binney’s description because it’s the turnkey totalitarian planet,” he said. “I think the World Health Organization is above the level of nations, and it is going to be in a position, if these provisions passed, to dictate to nations how they are to treat their own citizens, to override their constitutions, despite what Tedros has told you.”

“The Biden administration was negotiating the global pandemic treaty last year,” Fox News Digital reports.

Weinstein, in his interview with Carlson, urged people to “speak up” about the threat the treaty poses to our future way of life.

“Humanity is depending on everybody who has a position from which to see what is taking place, to grapple with what it might mean to describe it so that the public understands where their interests are,” he said. “It is depending on us to do what needs to be done if we’re to have a chance of delivering a planet to our children and our grandchildren, that is worthy of them. If we’re going to deliver a system that allows them to live meaningful, healthy lives, we have to speak up.”

Melissa Fine


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